At Abram's Nation, we are devoted to special needs families around the world.

We are the premier manufacturer of durable medical equipment and sensory products.
Our mission is to deliver products that improve the quality of life for the client and the caregiver.

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The Safety Sleeper™ is our flagship product.

This fully enclosed, customizable and portable bed system has helped families worldwide achieve safety, security and restful nights. Our expanding merchandise line includes a travel sensory board, cape for wheelchair users, and adolescent/adult size bibs. We take pride in supplying US made, hand sewn, customizable products globally to thirteen countries.

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Abram's Nation: Maker of The Safety Sleeper - Enclosed and Portable Bed System for special needs.

STACer Sensory Tactile Auditory Communication travel mat

A great sensory friendly tool for individuals off all ages on the autism spectrum and other special needs diagnoses. The sensory mat alleviates anxiety and sensory processing issues via a contoured pad that can provide a focal point to ground the person's energy. With an attachment loop for toys, a 6-pack STACer activity bundle with four bundle options and 3 fixed activities as well as a catch mat at the bottom, STACer offers more options than any other comparable product on the market. While popular in mental health and occupational therapies this pad can also provide security at home or on the go, such as car travel, school, shopping, or visiting trips. Ages 3 and up.

Abram's Nation: STACer Sensory Tactile Auditory Communication travel mat

All Weather Cloak/Cape

An all-purpose weather solution for wheelchair bound users. The All Weather Cloak features a breathable waterproof shell combined with a mid-weight Polar Tec fleece liner. The capes are fashion forward and custom designed for the individual, they have a short back to prevent wheel interference, a single snap closure for easy on easy off and 45-degree chest pockets for ergonomic access.

Transfer Slide

Supporting care for patients with mobility issues who need to be transferred safely between a bed, wheelchair, toilet or shower. The slide is placed under and around the patient helping in reducing possible injury for both the patient and caregiver. Our slides are constructed with various materials, configurations, colors and styles.

Reassurance Bib

A customized bib for adult patients, worn on the chest to help protect clothing from spilled food ensuring that users and their clothes stay dry and clean. The Reassurance Bib features a removable outer bib for easy washing and a contour weighted layer that provides the same "Hug" or focal point to ground the individual's energy as our Sensory Activity Mat.

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