Announcing Our November Pay-It-Forward Winners!

December 20, 2019 | Abram's Nation

As we announce winners of the final month of our Pay-It-Forward program, we’re looking back on our biggest giveaway yet. We had a record number of 241 nominations in November for families around the world. We also had our largest giveaway prize, as we selected four winners to receive The Safety Sleeper special needs bed. We’re thrilled to introduce the families whose lives will be changed forever by the gift of sweet dreams!

Watch our video announcement from our founder, Rose!

Our first winner is 5-year-old Adam from Melbourne, Australia. With an autism diagnosis, Adam has no fear of danger and risks falling or hurting himself during the night. Since the day he was born, Adam’s parents have been taking turns sleeping with him as that was the only way they could ensure his safety. With The Safety Sleeper, the entire family is about to experience sweet dreams! Mom and dad can finally sleep, knowing Adam will be safe. They look forward to allowing Adam to become independent and learn to sleep alone. We’re excited to hear about Adam’s new bedtime routine!

Our next winner is 8-year-old Devon from Angus, Scotland. Devon has complex needs and developmental delays, with diagnoses of microcephaly and epilepsy. To keep him safe, Devon’s mom has been sleeping in his room every night, and not getting much sleep herself! Mom says The Safety Sleeper is an unexpected blessing. Whether at naptime or nighttime, or while away from home at his therapy center, mom knows Devon will be safe and secure. That gives mom peace of mind and sweet dreams of her own!

From Canada, our winner is 9-year-old Serenity from Ontario. Because of the risk to her safety, Serenity has never been able to have a sleepover with her cousins. Over the years, she has been able to go on only two family vacations, but mom and dad could not sleep at all as they stayed awake to make sure Serenity was safe throughout the night. All of that is about to change! With the gift of The Safety Sleeper, mom and dad know they are receiving security for Serenity and freedom to experience family vacations and restful nights. We’re wishing Serenity all of the fun and memories a cousin sleepover will bring!

Our U.S. winner is 12-year-old Ella from Oregon. After spending the first seven years of her life in a crib in an orphanage on the other side of the world, mom tells us Ella is a true fighter. With diagnoses of Down Syndrome and autism, keeping Ella safe at night has been a challenge. She is a Houdini, able to escape from safe locations, which leads to some sleepless nights for the entire family. Now her parents feel blessed by the gift of The Safety Sleeper, knowing they will not only be able to keep Ella safe, but also travel as a family and introduce Ella to new places and experiences. We cannot wait to hear where Ella will travel with The Safety Sleeper!

Thank you to all 241 people who nominated families for our Pay-It-Forward giveaway in November. We are blessed to share the stories and meet families from around the world. If you would like to share your story and continue inspiring our community, please connect with us and join the Abram’s Nation community on Facebook and Instagram.