Cheap and Fun – Affordable Family Vacations

May 3, 2017 | Abram's Nation

2017 Abrams Pin May sizedRemember when a cheap and fun vacation was you and four of your girlfriends crammed in your dad’s Buick Regal, driving 14 hours straight through to a Florida beach, camping in a tent, eating ramen noodles and drinking Peach Riunite wine? We are ADULTING now. We can do better. Our families expect scenic overlooks Snapchats, ice cream treats, and neon souvenir t-shirts. Let us help you find the sweet spot between frugal and fun where everybody makes memories and a second mortgage isn’t needed to finance the trip.

Local tourist destinations. If there are local common tourist destinations within a few hours of your home, you can easily create cheap vacation ideas around visiting those. It may be more staycation than vacation, but this saves tons of money on lodging while still giving your family a vacation experience. The Skydeck in downtown Chicago’s Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) offers unbeatable views of Chicago and Lake Michigan and accommodates visitors with special needs.

All-inclusive resorts. A resort vacation may sound like it will be too expensive, but in fact all-inclusive resorts are often some of the least expensive options for family vacations. With one flat rate that includes lodging, activities, and food it often results in a much lower price in the long run. If you also make sure to shop sites like Groupon regularly for deals, you may find you are able to purchase a resort stay at a lower price with airfare included. The Tradewinds Islands Resort on St. Pete’s Beach  in Florida. has been certified by Center for Autism and Related Disabilities (CARD) as Autism Friendly

Small local amusement parks. Instead of going for the big names in amusement parks consider going to smaller local options that offer all the thrills at half the price. One great location for a fraction of the cost is Hersheypark in Hershey, PA. The pass cost is less than other amusement parks, and the local community offers great values on lodging and food.

House swapping with friends or family. A cheap vacation idea that isn’t mentioned as often as it should be, is the idea of house swapping with friends or family. If you know another family in a different location looking for a fun vacation that is in a new and unique location, swapping homes for a week is a great way to accomplish this on a budget. You can stay in each other’s homes and explore the local communities and popular attractions. You save tons of money on lodging and food.

These are some fun and easy cheap vacation ideas for families to consider no matter what their budget may be. So bring on the smoothies, SPF 50, sunsets, and sandy feet!