Find Your Place in the Sun – 3 Easy Activities to Get The Family Outside

June 1, 2017 | Abram's Nation

2017_Abrams_Pin (00000003)“I’m bored!” Two weeks into summer break and the whining begins. Do I look like “Julie McCoy, your cruise director?” (Shout out to The Love Boat!) No, but apparently the little minions who begged for sweet freedom from the routine of the school year have now decided that Mom is the epicenter of fun.  There is no rest for the weary especially for an overly caffeinated, wearing the same yoga pants for three days, needing a shower mom.  What can we do with the whole family, that doesn’t involve screen time or extorting the ATM card again? Wait! We could go outside. Yes, yes we could! Yes, we are!  Yes, LET’S DO THIS!

  1. Sidewalk Chalk Games – Grab some sidewalk chalk and head out to the driveway. Gather a collection of rocks and brush, along with the chalk and have the kids make landscapes, sunsets and mountains for awesome outdoor land art. Take turns drawing a long curvy line path with chalk that everyone can walk on and follow each other to the end. Pick your favorite animal paw print and sketch a trail. Hop along the trail to each paw. If it fits in the budget, we loved this pogo stick by Chalktivity, that kids can hop on to create paw print trails with chalk available at Walmart.
  2. Obstacle Course – The great outdoors provides the most awesome of obstacle courses. Jump over a stick, run around a bush, hug a tree and down the slide you go! You really don’t need much in equipment, though it can enhance your obstacle course options. Be creative and let your kids help you set it up.
  3. Treasure Hunt – Make a list and send your kids out to find the items listed. Pine needles, rocks, sticks, leaf and so one can be just a few of the items on the Treasure Hunt list. Or make it a real hunt and place notes in various spots outside. Each note can direct your kids to a new location and at the end you can have a special treasure waiting. You can even download the Geocache app and go hunting for a real hidden treasure with your kids not too far from your own backyard.

This video also offers expert advice for sensory rich fun in the great outdoors by an Occupational Therapist.

Friendly reminder please don’t leave your kids unattended outdoors. It’s ILLEGAL! In addition, make sure their feet are protected with shoes appropriate for the outdoors and they have plenty of sunscreen applied. So chase away the blahs by making sure everyone gets a big shot vitamin D from the sunshine and a double iced latte for yourself.  Make this Summer, well played instead of played out!