Finding the Right Payment Option to Purchase The Safety Sleeper

January 2, 2018 | Abram's Nation

AbramsPagePost1200x628_2018It’s hard to put a price on safety. Investing in the right product for your loved one is a big decision. Once you find the product that will truly improve your quality of life then you must find the funds to make it happen. Abram’s Nation understands your concerns and strives to help each family find the best path to getting your Safety Sleeper.

If you’re a U.S. customer, we have several options for you to get funding for the Safety Sleeper. One option is through the PayPal Credit program which offers you six months’ credit to pay. Apply for PayPal credit when you log-in to your PayPal account. Our customer service team will invoice you via PayPal and you can select the credit option in your account. The next is our special needs discount, which is for our private paying individuals. With documentation of diagnosis, we offer 35% percent of the cost The Safety Sleeper. We understand that it may be difficult for some families to have the bed covered by insurance so we provide this discount to make sure if a family needs this bed it can be purchased without having to pay the full suggested retail price.

One of the biggest questions we hear from parents who want to purchase The Safety Sleeper is “How do we get The Safety Sleeper covered by insurance?” Some insurance companies will cover all or a portion of the cost of our product. Many families have been successful in having their insurance cover The Safety Sleeper. Our team will work with you to find a durable medical company that will work with your insurance. Once you connect with them, they will help you through the process to get approval from your insurance. When getting funding from your insurance you will need to have a prescription from a health professional and a letter of medical necessity. Our customer service team has samples of this letter to help your clinicians write an effective letter for requesting The Safety Sleeper. Also, you may want to check out our “Resources” page for tips and information on insurance reimbursement for The Safety Sleeper™.

If insurance denies coverage, many states have a medical waiver program. The medical waiver can help families who aren’t covered by insurance. Contact your state agency coordinator to get more information about the medical waiver program.

The last option you may not be aware of is working through a non-profit. Our Resources page lists charities who have assisted with funding The Safety Sleeper.

We want to assure The Safety Sleeper is an affordable solution for every family who needs our product. Reviewing all the different financial options can be difficult, that is why our customer service is available to help you analyze each option and find the one that suits your situation. You can call us today so we can help you get The Safety Sleeper and start experiencing a life filled with sweet dreams.