Meet Noah, Our October Pay-It-Forward Winner!

November 21, 2019 | Abram's Nation

Weight Mate Weighted Lap Pad

Please help us congratulate three-year-old Noah, the winner of our October Pay-It-Forward giveaway! Noah will receive the Weight Mate, our lap pad that provides calming weighted pressure on the nervous system when worn across the lap, shoulders, back or stomach. Noah has been diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome, and his mom is excited for the support Weight Mate will provide for Noah’s sensory needs and ataxia. We’re excited that Weight Mate is completely portable and can accompany Noah wherever he goes!


Submit Your Nominations!

Would you love for someone you know to be our next Pay-It-Forward winner? November is the final month of the program, and we’re celebrating with our biggest giveaway yet! To wrap up our 10-year anniversary celebration, we’re going back to where it all began with The Safety Sleeper, our medical-grade safety bed designed to prevent wandering and promote healthy sleep. For the month of November, we will draw FOUR winners to receive The Safety Sleeper! Visit our Pay-It-Forward page to learn more and submit your nominations!