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Celebrating 10 Months of Paying it Forward

Over the last 10 months, our Abram’s Nation team has been celebrating a decade of innovation, product development and community. Recognizing that this milestone is possible only because of you, we have been honoring it the only way we know how – by paying it forward to our community of Abram’s Nation families around the world. As always, our community delivered, submitting hundreds of nominations for families to win a featured product of the month, including 241 nominations in November alone! We have heard your stories and have been inspired by how our community always comes together to offer support and advocate for each other.

From all of those nominations, we selected 13 winners to receive our Abram’s Nation products. Our winners included children and adults from around the world, from Australia and Scotland, to Canada and all across the U.S. Over the last 10 months we delivered:

We have been excited to hear from our winners about how their lives have been changed by our products. We would love to share a few of their stories.

Meet the Winners


Our April winner is Lindsey DePra of Monroeville, Pennsylvania, who received our Wheely Rain Cape. Lindsey tells us our cape has made a world of difference for her and she has already recommended it to others! Lindsey uses Pittsburgh’s public transportation to get around, often getting caught in our unpredictable and wet weather which soaks everything, from her clothes to her wheelchair seat and other equipment. With our custom-made Wheely Rain Cape, Lindsey now has the freedom to travel wherever she wants, while staying protected from the weather!


In July, we sent a Fidget Folder to Emily in Long Island, New York. Emily has a rare genetic condition called Sanfilippo syndrome. As the disease progresses, children lose skills they previously learned, such as the ability to speak, walk and eat. With our Fidget Folder, which includes tools focused on dressing, communication, motor sensory and tactile skills, Emily is able to learn new skills and maintain existing ones.  We love seeing the joy on Emily’s face as she practices her new skills!


Our August winner is William from Minnesota. With his diagnosis of Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS), William’s parents look for opportunities for him to learn and practice new skills. We’re so excited to see William at play with his new Fidget Mat, which provides tools for him to work on hand-eye coordination and motor skills. From aligning colors on the color spinner and feeling new textures, to spreading out and moving objects around the mat, William has created his own sensory space for learning and playing. We also hear that he takes his new Fidget Mat on the go, including to the ballpark to watch his sisters compete!


In September, we sent a Wheely Cape to Lucky in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our cape has a split-wing back so mom can easily access the wheelchair handles, a backpack or medical equipment, along with a curved front profile that keeps Lucky protected from head to toe. He looks so comfy and ready to tackle any weather comes his way. We’re so excited to continue following Lucky on his adventures from his Facebook page!


We spent the last 10 months paying it forward to our community of families, but we have received so much in return, from seeing smiling faces and hearing how lives are being changed. We are so blessed by the families we meet and the stories they share. If you would like to share your story and continue inspiring our community, please connect with us and join the Abram’s Nation community on Facebook and Instagram. We are grateful for the success of our first 10 years and look forward to delivering product innovations and making positive impact for years to come. Thank you for helping us pay it forward!

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