6 Ways to Juggle Your Work Life and Personal Life in the New Year – Multiple Outlets

February 13, 2019 | Abram's Nation

In the current workplace environment, there seems to be great value placed on finding the perfect work-life balance. However, this idea of balancing the scales between your work life and personal life is a myth we need to blow out of the water.

As an entrepreneur, business owner and mom of three, including a son with special needs, it’s not about finding the perfect balance, but rather learning how to juggle. Think about your own life – can you imagine all of the different facets of your life ever being equal on a regular basis? Life will always be chaotic and messy, but also full of rewarding and successful moments. It’s about learning how to juggle the chaos, so that you are better able to enjoy the rewards. Read more @ LAtimes.

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