The Fidget Folder – Royal Purple


The Fidget Folder is the world’s first completely customizable, fully compact, completely transportable sensory tool. This unique product is the only sensory therapy tool that can adapt to the needs of each individual, from visual therapy to tactile, to life skills.

The Fidget Folder is designed to be used in conjunction with our Fidget Bundles – activity bundles designed to support motor skill and sensory development. Each Fidget Folder includes a Communication Bundle.

The Communications Bundle (RAINBOW) has PEC cards-works with the PEC (Picture Exchange Communication) system, holds six PEC cards, can be attached to Fidget Folder or removed and carried separately.

  • Free PEC Download cards available here.
  • Dry Erase-Excellent tool to reuse worksheets in school or at home
  • I am working for – behavior support with rewards system

Other bundles can be added to the folder according to your child’s needs and interests. Just add the additional bundles onto your purchase or purchase at a later date.

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