Clear Panel Face Masks!

Clear Panel Face Masks!

Professional Resources

Professionals, we want to be your first choice for safety beds, sensory items and wearables! Here are resources to help better serve you when purchasing Abram’s Nation products for your clients and customers.

Please email us at customercare@abramsnation.com with any questions.

  • The Safety Sleeper
  • The Fidget Folder

The Safety Sleeper comes in four different models – Standard, Deluxe, Professional and Queen. It is fully customizable for specific needs and is available in Twin, Full and Queen sizes. The Safety Sleeper is spacious enough for an adult and fits in any size room. It is easy to set up and does not require any tools to assemble. The Safety Sleeper is machine washable and portable, which makes it perfect for traveling, respite care or hospital stays.

The Safety Sleeper offers specific support for a variety of diagnoses such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Angelman’s Syndrome, Autism, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy, Dementia, Epilepsy, Sleepwalking or Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS).

The Safety Sleeper is:
– patented (Patent Number US 7,971,596 B2)
– FDA registered (Owner/Operator Number 10048434)
– a registered trademark of Abram’s Nation, LLC.

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Setup of The Safety Sleeper is easy and takes less than 15 minutes. No hardware is required.


– Assembly instruction sheet

– Assembly of the bed system

– Changing the coverlet

– Attaching the stabilizing straps

– Disassembly

Twin and Single Beds

Full, Double, and Queen

Assembly Video

   Accessory Shipping Specs

Available Colors

Model Matrix (PDF)

*Custom option, call for pricing


Every person is unique. Our accessories are designed for supporting whatever need your client may have. Click below to see the matrix of our models. If you have a requirement for a specific feature, adaptation or addition to The Safety Sleeper, please let us know. We are happy to work with you.

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Funding for The Safety Sleeper
Product Registration & Warranty

The Safety Sleeper includes a 100% satisfaction / 30-Day Money-Back guarantee.
It also comes with a One (1) Year Limited Warranty.

To activate the warranty, your clients need to register their Safety Sleeper with us! 

Customers who did not buy the bed system from Abram’s Nation directly, need to register their Safety Sleeper with us and list the wholesale company they bought it through. The registration process is very important and allows us to provide the best service such as making any repair or replacement easier for the end-user.

Please consider walking your client through the warranty registration process!



Warranty Information & Registration

The Abram's Nation Community

Educational Blog: I am Special Because… 
Every child is special. To celebrate special needs children and to support and encourage other families, Abram’s Nation showcases every month one story on our blog and e-Newsletter. Please share our “I am special because” stories with your clients and encourage them to submit their own.

What Customers Say
“The peace of mind when I tuck him in his Safety Sleeper™ at night, knowing that he is safe and comfortable, is something for which I will always be grateful.”

Abram’s Nation designs and manufactures sensory therapy products that strive to meet each child with special needs where they are and facilitate their journey to increase capabilities and fulfillment. Our newest product, the Fidget Folder, is the world’s first completely customizable, fully compact, completely transportable sensory tool. It is available in Pink, Purple and Blue. The Fidget Folder features a variety of Fidget Bundles based on sensory needs Each bundle is color coordinated to keep neatly organized.

The Fidget Folder includes a Communications Bundle with resources here, Motor Sensory, Tactile and Dressing Bundles.

Adult supervision required. Not intended for children under three years of age.

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The Communication Bundle


Designed to utilize individuals’ visual strengths and improve skills in a variety of settings. Communication Bundle can increase flexibility, reduce anxiety and inappropriate behavior and can help to develop independence and self-esteem. Use the visual schedule board for a variety of therapy needs: pecs display, expectation schedule, or even a daily schedule for older or transitioning children.

  • PEC cards-works with the PEC (Picture Exchange Communication) system, holds six PEC cards, can be attached to Fidget Folder or removed and carried separately. Free PEC Download cards available here.
  • Dry Erase-Excellent tool to reuse worksheets in school or at home
  • I am working for – behavior support with rewards system
The Tactile Bundle


Designed for individuals that seek sensory feedback from various textures & textiles as a means to stimulate senses and encourage creativity and exploration. Tactile Bundles can also be used as motivational and recreational tools to assist therapists in teaching tolerance to those with texture sensitivities.

  • Sensy – allows different tactile sensory experiences with just one fob insert sandpaper, bubble wrap, etc.
  • Tabby – tabs of different colors and textures help to provide color and texture awareness
  • Treble -Three size differentiation between big, medium, and small, and texture differentiation smooth, rough, and soft
  • Pokey -reach inside the soft pocket to feel the bumpy texture
The Dressing Bundle


To complete the daily task of full functional dressing requires various motor & visual coordination skills. Dressing Bundles can assist in teaching the developmental prerequisites necessary to improve fine motor and visual perceptual planning to promote successful independent dressing.

  • Lacey – lacing ties through grommets and tying at the end teaches lacing and tying shoelaces
  • Snappy – learn how to snap and unsnap with fun color snaps
  • Bucky – learn how to thread belt through buckle
  • Buttons -teaches buttoning and unbuttoning with three different size buttons found on clothing
  • Zippy -easy to learn zipper, showing how to start a zipper without frustration
The Motor Sensory Bundle


Designed for individuals to improve dexterity and enhance eye-hand coordination. Motor Sensory Bundles supports sensory integration in play, family, and school situations. Also, can also be used to improve gripping, twisting, feeding, stretching to strengthen wrist and grips, finger flexibility and control.

  • Jumpy -mix and match snaps to color, manipulative tool that supports hand eye coordination, motor planning and attention
  • Flower -promotes eye hand coordination and fine motor control
  • Stretchy – stretch fingers in the colorful elastic cords strengthens grip and reduces stress
  • Dexter -lacing the two pieces together promotes eye hand coordination and dexterity
Coming Soon - The Visual Sensory Bundle


The Visual Sensory Bundle is designed for individuals that seek sensory feedback form various lines, shapes, and shadows as means to stimulate their senses, encourages creativity and exploration. Visual Sensory Bundle can also be used as motivational and recreational tools for therapy. Similarly, fobs can be used to assist therapist in teaching problem solving and cause and effect.

  • Mazey – push maze with two different puzzles
  • Spinny – brightly colored spinner helps with visual stimulation, can be used for color matching.
  • Googly or Sparkle – encourages visual stimulation with funny googly eyes, or mesmerizing colors
  • Mira – promotes self awareness and self discovery