Clear Panel Face Masks!

Clear Panel Face Masks!

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A New Sensory Therapy Product from Abram’s Nation!

The Fidget Folder, is designed for individuals with special needs to help accomplish behavioral and physical goals. This unique product is the only sensory therapy tool that can adapt to the needs of each individual, from visual therapy to tactile, to life skills.
Kids playing with The Fidget Folder
The Fidget Folder by Abrams Nation

The Fidget Folder

Abram’s Nation designs and manufactures products that strive to meet each child with special needs where they are and facilitate their journey to increase capabilities and fulfillment. Our newest product, the Fidget Folder, is the world’s first completely customizable, fully compact, completely transportable sensory tool. It is available in Pink, Purple and Blue. The Fidget Folder features a variety of Fidget Bundles based on sensory needs Each bundle is color coordinated to keep neatly organized.

The Fidget Folder includes the Communication, Motor Sensory, Tactile and Dressing Bundles.  Additional PEC cards for the Communication Bundle can be downloaded here.

Adult supervision required. Not intended for children under three years of age.

Fidget Bundles

The Communication

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The Communication Bundle