Clear Panel Face Masks!

Clear Panel Face Masks!

Why Families Love

The Safety Sleeper

No more wandering. A blessing. A lifeline.
The answer to all of our prayers.

No matter how they describe it, one thing is for certain: families love The Safety Sleeper.
Here’s why.

1. Versatile – For Home and Away

In the category of special needs beds, The Safety Sleeper is the only FDA registered and CE marked bed  intended for daily use that is also completely portable. We don’t mean you can just move it around the house; we mean you can break it down and take it with you anywhere you go. Not only does The Safety Sleeper come with an air mattress with a built-in pump, but we designed the entire bed to fit in its own suitcase. Set up The Safety Sleeper with your own mattress at home, then use the air mattress to take the comforts of home with you on the road for medical trips, respite facilities, conferences, family visits or vacations.

Mother reading to daughter in front of The Safety Sleeper
The Safety Sleeper is Fully Portable And Easy To Transport


The Safety Sleeper is designed to ELIMINATE the possibility of entrapment as described in FDA guidelines (see page 13). With its fully enclosed mattress, users cannot become trapped between the mattress and the frame or get a hand or foot stuck between frame rails. Our product has gone through specific testing and followed specific guidelines to ensure the highest levels of safety, as indicated by the following:

  • FDA registered Class I medical device
  • CE marked, indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold within the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • Safety tested for EN 12182:2012, the European Standard specifying general requirements and test methods for assistive products for persons with a disability
The Safety Sleeper eliminates entrapment


Do you need to customize The Safety Sleeper to fit into your RV or bunkbeds? We’ve done that. Do you need a custom special needs bed installed in your custom firetruck bed frame? Believe it or not, we’ve done that too. Our product is made in the U.S. by professional industrial seamstresses. That means if you have a special request, chances are good we can accommodate it.
The Safety Sleeper customized for a firetruck bedframe


For any caregiver enduring the challenges that come with incontinence issues, first we offer our support and encouragement. Then we offer a completely washable product. We’ve been there, so we know you can’t get away with just wiping up spills and accidents. We designed The Safety Sleeper so you can take it apart and throw the entire thing in your home washing machine, frame pads and all. For the studious types among us, learn more about our fabric here.

Woman taking the Safety Sleeper out of a dryer to demonstrate ease of cleaning


If you purchased The Safety Sleeper and it is not the perfect solution for your family for any reason, just send it back within 30 days and we’ll give you a refund. No kidding. We’re willing to bet that once your life is changed by The Safety Sleeper, you won’t want to send it back.


Standard special needs beds are boring. We prefer options. Choose your mattress size from among twin, full or queen. Then choose from among five color options to really make it your own.


The coverlet is a zippered sheet that protects and encloses the mattress to keep hands and feet (and books and tablets) securely inside the bed at all times. Use your own mattress with our coverlet, which can be removed as often as needed for washing. Remember how we’re thinking about all the caregivers enduring incontinence issues? We made a waterproof coverlet just for you.


Wherever your travels may lead you, don’t forget to pack peace of mind. Rent The Safety Sleeper from Abram’s Nation for as short as a week duration or as long as a stay at summer camp. We’ll ship it to the destination of your choice within the U.S. Contact our customer care team to discuss your travel needs: customercare@abramsnation.com or 724-967-5337.

The Safety Sleeper is portable for travel