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Trusting God’s Plan

I have always known my work is driven by something more powerful than myself. God’s plans are so much bigger and better than I could imagine. As I continue to be amazed every time I witness the plan in action, I have learned to simply trust that every event in my life and every person I meet are part of that bigger plan. It’s evident any time someone in our Abram’s Nation community has needed help and the right person has heard the call at exactly the right time. There’s no other way to explain it.

Not long after creating The Safety Sleeper for my own son, Abram, I realized there were so many people who needed the same lifeline. I started receiving late-night phone calls from other parents and caregivers desperate to protect their children. As I began to understand how many other people needed The Safety Sleeper, the company that would become Abram’s Nation was born and we began our mission to deliver life-changing solutions to families with special needs.

In those early days I met Heather, mom of a medically complex little girl. While never fully diagnosed, doctors told Heather her daughter had a rare genetic condition that caused seizures and autism-like symptoms. Her daughter had been sleeping in a crib to keep her safe, but she was outgrowing it very quickly. Having heard about The Safety Sleeper, Heather reached out to me for help and started the insurance process. Knowing how desperately Heather’s daughter needed this safety bed, I completed the order and delivered The Safety Sleeper while we awaited insurance approval.

As soon as it was delivered, Heather set it up and invited her two other children to climb into the bed. Watching her siblings and seeing their acceptance of The Safety Sleeper, Heather’s daughter took to it immediately. She loved routine and got excited about bedtime, naptime or any other time she could climb into The Safety Sleeper.

Then Heather received the denial from insurance. I never even dreamed of taking the bed away, so it became my gift to Heather’s family.

Many years passed and The Safety Sleeper incurred some wear from everyday use over nearly a decade. My team at Abram’s Nation had continued upgrading the bed during that time. Heather received insurance approval for a replacement and my team delivered a new model. Before Heather even had a chance to set it up, her daughter passed away unexpectedly.

A few months later, I received a phone call from a mom in Alabama. I recognized the fear in her voice. Her son, who has a diagnosis on the autism spectrum, had broken through multiple door locks and escaped from their home that morning. Quickly realizing he was missing, the mom took off in pursuit, barely catching a glimpse of her son as he disappeared into a backyard 12 houses away. As she turned the corner to the backyard, she caught sight of him diving into an above-ground pool. She sprinted and jumped in, pulling him to safety.

The family had been trying for months to obtain The Safety Sleeper for their son’s safety, and they had just received a denial from their insurance company. The family couldn’t wait any longer and reached out to me for help. I shared the call for help and an Abram’s Nation community member made an immediate donation to secure The Safety Sleeper for this family.

The next morning, Heather saw the call for help and reached out to me, wanting to donate her daughter’s brand new bed to help another family. The Alabama family’s call had already been answered, but Heather and I planned to meet a few weeks later for her to deliver the bed to me for the next family in need.

As I walked into the restaurant to meet Heather for lunch and receive The Safety Sleeper from her, I received a message. It was from another mom, desperate for help keeping her child safe at night. When Heather arrived, I shared the news that her daughter’s bed would be sent to another family immediately. In loving memory of Heather’s daughter, we were able to answer that request for help from another family in our Abram’s Nation community.

I cannot explain the sequence of these events, other than to say everything is part of God’s plan. He is at work in our community. We ask and we receive, time and time again. My job is to hear the needs and make the connections. Our Abram’s Nation community is listening, and I trust that we will be able to answer the next call for help.

– Rose


Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer & petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts & your mind in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4:6-7

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