Abram’s Nation is thrilled to be celebrating a decade of innovation, product development and community! Recognizing that this milestone is possible only because of YOU and the community of Abram’s Nation families, we are commemorating our 10-year anniversary with a Pay-It-Forward program.

We invite you to nominate deserving families in a drawing to win the Abram’s Nation featured product of the month.

To Submit Your Nomination, Please Fill Out the Form Below.

Pay It Forward Program
July Giveaway:

Fidget Folder

Submit your nominations for our July featured product, Fidget Folder! This sensory therapy tool is designed to help individuals accomplish behavioral and developmental goals through active, educational play. Our July Pay-It-Forward winner will receive the All-In-One Fidget Folder, including the following Fidget Bundles to support individual development needs:

  • Communication Bundle includes a visual schedule board to support a variety of therapy needs, such as pecs display and expectation and daily schedules
  • Motor Sensory Bundle is designed to improve dexterity and enhance hand-eye coordination with tools to improve gripping, twisting, and finger flexibility and control
  • Dressing Bundle supports development of motor and visual coordination skills with tools such as zippers, buttons and laces to promote successful independent dressing
  • Tactile Bundle provides different textures to stimulate senses, encourage creativity and exploration, and support therapy for texture sensitivity and tolerance

Whether taking it to school, therapy sessions or on the road for summer vacation, Fidget Folder is compact and fully transportable to support sensory seekers on-the-go!

The Pay-It-Forward program launches February 2019 and continues through November 2019 as a 10-month celebration of our 10-year anniversary. The monthly winner will be selected at random, with non-winning entries rolled forward to the next month’s drawing. The winner and next month’s featured product will be announced each month via the Abram’s Nation newsletter and social media channels.

Check back frequently for updates and news, or connect with Abram’s Nation on social media.