Clear Panel Face Masks!

Clear Panel Face Masks!

Young boy on a motor scooter wearing Abram's Nation Child Winter Cape in black/blue next to the text Ride in Style


The Abram’s Nation Winter Cape is uniquely designed to address the issues special needs customers have with ordinary capes, coats, and jackets. Quality outerwear is hard to find. Just because your cape looks like it does the trick, doesn’t mean it will completely protect you in rain or snow. We addressed theses critical factors to bring you style, comfort, and protection.


Thank you for your continued interest and support. All of our products are proudly made in Pittsburgh, PA. Our foundations are quality, community, and well-being. Over the years meeting with people in the special needs community, we have seen and heard many of the struggles and frustrations for wheelchair users.  We created a line of products that make activities of daily living easier and more convenient.