Clear Panel Face Masks!

Clear Panel Face Masks!

The Fidget Folder by Abrams Nation

The Fidget Folder

A Sensory Therapy Product for
At Home or On the Go

The Fidget Folder is a sensory therapy tool designed to help individuals with special needs accomplish behavioral and physical goals. Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Fidget Folder can adapt to the needs of each individual, aiding in sensory motor skill development.  The Fidget Folder is also machine washable.

Weight Mate Weighted Lap Pad

The Weight Mate

A Weighted Lap Pad

The Weight Mate can be used as a stand alone, weighted lap pad to be used in lieu of a large, weighted blanket; or it can be snapped onto the outside of the Fidget Folder for additional sensory support. The Weight Mate comes in various weights so you can select the right weight for your loved one’s specific sensory needs. The Weight Mate is machine washable, portable, and easy to take along to outings, school or the workplace.

The Fidget Mat

9 Multi-Sensory Experiences in One Mat

The Fidget Mat is a tactile sensory tool and addresses textures and some motor skills. The vinyl mat is easy to transport and is completely washable. Perfect for institutions, schools, and more, the Fidget Mat provides a full sensory experience for your loved one. LEARN MORE BUY NOW