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Families around the world have experienced better rest, more freedom, and peace of mind because of The Safety Sleeper. The red beds on the map are testimonials from families who use The Safety Sleeper, and the blue map pins indicate the locations of others satisfied families who use The Safety Sleeper for their special loved ones.

What Customers Say

Young toddler inside of The Safety Sleeper, a fully enclosed bed system designed for individuals with special needs.

We love our Safety Sleeper! Dartagnan has no issues sleeping in it, and loves the feel of everything!

– Meghan R.
Young boy sleeping inside of The Safety Sleeper, a fully enclosed bed for individuals with special needs.

Owen sleeps like a baby in his safety sleeper!!

– Melissa G.

This is our second Safety Sleeper. We bought the first one, a twin bed, five years ago and had funds available that allowed us to buy the latest version and in a full size bed. I took the old one down and set up the new one for her yesterday. She did notice it was bigger and after checking things out went to sleep after her usual night time ritual.

The beds have been one of the best things to come into our lives. Amanda was the kid that got into everything, destroyed everything, and kept everyone up with her behaviors. I am happy to report that she has learned to relax a little and enjoy her bed.

We like that the mattress came with it and it slid right in with little effort. The new design and having the pads part of the package was a great idea. Amanda, our granddaughter, loved her first bed from day one and it appears she likes this one as well. We feel that the bed is an investment in Amanda’s happiness and well being.

Thank you for making the bed available to all of us who have children with special needs. It has made raising our special needs granddaughter a lot easier for us. We feel that is has helped her get into a nighttime routine that allows her to sleep.

– Paul & Ginny B.
I’m sure you hear this often (and you should), but I don’t know what we would do without this bed. It gives us peace of mind every single night we tuck Mady in. We are so thankful to have found this product, and it being located near us makes it even better!
Thank you so much for your help Kylee, this process has been exponentially easier the second time around for us. Mady has had her Safety Sleeper for over 5 years now. I’m glad to see the insurance companies have made this process quicker and at least for us, given approval faster.
– Kate H.
My son’s Safety Sleeper has made such a difference in our household. My son was diagnosed with Autism at only 19 months old. Before The Safety Sleeper, my son would slam his head into the side of his crib so hard that the crib would rock. This caused us to prematurely move him into a toddler bed. Once out of the crib, my son would slam his head into his bedroom door so loudly, that you could hear the noise from outside our home. He would also bang his head so hard against the walls of his bedroom that he has put 9 holes in the drywall to date.
Upon the arrival of The Safety Sleeper, we no longer have to worry about my son hurting himself with his head banging tendencies. The mesh of the structure allows him to rock and even bounce off the sides, fulfilling his sensory needs while still keeping him safe and our walls without holes.
Words cannot express how thankful I am for this wonderful enclosure to help protect my son. Everyone in our home sleeps better knowing we don’t have to worry about him giving himself a concussion or fracturing his skull. There is truly no other product like it out there and is exactly what we needed.
– Bri F.
All I can say is your product has changed our lives, you have no idea. We had to move across the country from New York to Colorado and if we did not have The Safety Sleeper bed I don’t know how we would’ve done it. Griffin would’ve torn up a hotel room for sure. Thank you for your amazing product, you have no idea you have changed lives!
– Emily W.
Claire S. poses with her son after they had to go to a hotel during a power outage. They were sure to take The Safety Sleeper and its handy suitcase!
The Safety Sleeper in a hotel room
I am so thrilled and have continued to be about The Safety Sleeper I’ve had now for 3 years.
Last weekend I had to unexpectedly get a hotel room for 2 nights because an ice storm around my area knocked down power lines, leaving me with no power for 4 days. I had to get a hotel room for myself and 4 kids so I packed up The Safety Sleeper in it’s handy suitcase and took it to the hotel with me.
It worked out perfectly for my special needs son who has down syndrome and autism. I cannot tell you how much it eliminated even more headaches than I already was having as a single mom of 4. Thank you so much!!!
– Claire S.
Thank you for all the help with Zhans bed!! It’s awesome— he loves it!! And most importantly – he’s safe at night!! Thanks again!
– Missy O.
The Safety Sleeper on a dark wooden bed frame in a child's bedroom
Thank you for making such an awesome product for our kids!
– Gilbert S.

I just got one for my son, it has eased my mind knowing that he is safe in his bed and I have had the best night sleep I have had in years, he loves it too. Thank you for this great bed

– Mindy H.M.

Jaden in The Safety Sleeper holding two stuffed animals
Jaden in The Safety Sleeper in a boys bedroom
We are so incredibly grateful for the loaner program that The Safety Sleeper provides. This guy is super inquisitive but does not understand the dangers of anything. When we needed a repair on our Safety Sleeper bed I was so worried about sending it back because I wasn’t sure how any of us would sleep while it was getting repaired. When Rose informed me of their loaner program I once again knew we had made the right choice in buying The Safety Sleeper. It was such an easy process. The loaner arrived at our door, we put it on his bed, it was easy to package his bed to send back and nobody missed out on a night’s sleep.  We are forever grateful for The Safety Sleeper itself and the loaner program is incredible… Thanks, Safety Sleeper, for giving all of us the gift of a good night’s sleep!
– Julie B.Y.

We got the safety sleep for our 16 month old son we adopted. He is a fetal alcohol baby. He was climbing out the crib on top of furniture, jumping and hurting himself. We messaged you all and you put us in touch with a company. It took 6 months but so worth it. He loves it . It looks like a tent not like the old self contained medical beds, this is less scary and more fun. We used a twin mattress for him in it. Then this was the first we traveled with it, thank you thank you for the suitcase. It made travel so easy and fun. He slept on the air mattress which was amazing even my husband loved it. I will say as he grows we will buy the next size up. I would recommend this to any parent with special needs children. It is easy to put together and easy to clean. Believe me he vomited and all we had to do is unzip and wash. Thank you Abrams you are amazing.

– Elizabeth E.

The Safety Sleeper on a metal loft style bed frame
I’ve had my Safety Sleeper for 3 years… what a peace this brings! I know my little guy is safe and I can actually truly sleep, which means I can take even better care!
– Tari W.
Our son Henry has Down syndrome and a condition similar to severe autism. Several years ago, before we had a Safety Sleeper, we woke up in the early morning and found that our gas stove’s burners were turned on and the back door was open. Hank was not in his bedroom.  We found him outside playing safely under a tree. We searched the web and found The Safety Sleeper.  It has changed our lives by giving us peace of mind and allowing Hank, and us, to get a good night’s sleep.
– John H.
Toddler boy sleeping in The Safety Sleeper with a knit blanket and yellow duck stuffed animal.
Mother and father holding their 22 month old son
We officially adopted our son on Aug 21. His new name is Alexander and he is 22 months old. I wanted to share this picture with you and thank you for making the best bed ever! He absolutely loves it and he sleeps so much better. And best of all he is safe! Thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
– Lisa & Ernest S.

Thank you so much for making this bed available to us. I was on the verge of building something out of wood so that my 4 year old daughter wouldn’t roll off her mattress or hurt herself in her room during the night. She is developmentally delayed, and not yet walking or talking due to having seizures early in her life. She has been sleeping in a toddler chair with a belt that straps her in but has CERTAINLY outgrown it. After extensive Googling I finally found the Safety Sleeper. I was literally so happy I almost cried. You all have really thought of everything- the suitcase it comes in, the blow up mattress with pump, the padding on all the poles, the thickness of the mesh so she can’t bump against her bedroom walls. I will be raving about this to everyone I know and ANY special needs parent I meet. Please let me know if you ever need more testimonial videos. Just so thankful I finally found your company. On top of being so highly functional, I know this could be her “forever bed” since a regular sized twin mattress fits inside. AND it’s CUTE! So many special needs devices look sad and depressing but with this I can crawl in with her to hang out and it has a fun, camping feel! And thanks for the free mask too! That was such a sweet and thoughtful little gift. I hope you sell a million of these and get super rich! Lol! Favorite thing I’ve bought in general, in a long time. — Chelsea Harrison

We are all sleeping better knowing that our son is safe in his Safety Sleeper. Every part of our transaction was a breeze. The suitcase that the sleeper comes in is AWESOME! The bed is incredibly solid and is perfect. Thank you for making a bed that keeps our son safe. – Katie C.

This is the bed that changed our lives. Last night, after 2 1/2 years of wear and tear on the zipper, Caleb pushed his feet through it. As a result, he would not stay in bed nor go to sleep. At 1:15am, I emailed customer service at The Safety Sleeper, asking if we would be able to get a loaner bed since we are local while the zipper was being replaced. First thing this morning, i got an email from Dave in production telling me that he would be able to repair the bed TODAY!! I made the 30 minute drive, dropped off the fabric of the bed, and took the kids to lunch. A little over an hour later, i got a text that the bed was ready. I need to give a HUGE shout to everyone at Abram’s Nation, and especially Rose Niehaus Olsen Morris for not only saving the day, but also for giving Caleb an impromptu tour of the facility!! Here’s to going to sleep before 2 am tonight! – Jennifer I.

Last night was our first night attempting to sleep in The Safety Sleeper… our little guy loves it! We were finally able to relax knowing that he wasn’t trying to escape his crib or chewing on the wood in his bed… and thanks to everyone who worked to get our bed covered by insurance – this is really a life saver – literally!! Jessica C.

This is our Story!
Thanks to family and friends contributing to a gofundme account, my son was able to get The Safety Sleeper. Last night was the very first night in 13 years we were all able to go to bed without fear of his safety. To keep him from wandering, we were forced to use a baby gate and Dutch door so he couldn’t escape. The gate, we were forced to screw in the doorway about a week before we ordered The Safety Sleeper because he had managed to get out. We will be taking both down and putting the original door back on. You wouldn’t think that would be such a big deal but I’m very excited about that in itself! Our joy was when he climbed back in bed this morning, asking me to zip it closed again. No more wondering, no more windows or walls busted in the middle of the night due to headbanging…this bed is such a relief to us! – Diane U.

Thank you ever so much for sending The Safety Sleeper™ so fast!!! It got here before I did!!!!! I set it up right away and Connor slept there last night and is napping in it now. What a huge blessing you have given us. I can’t thank you enough!!!! Kind regards, Katia

Why We’re Thankful for The Safety Sleeper

Thank goodness we found The Safety Sleeper! We were at a point with our 4-year old daughter with Down syndrome, Ellie, where we didn’t know what step we were going to take for her sleep needs. She showed us she could climb out of her crib and sustain injury from falling. However, we were not comfortable with letting her have free reign of her bedroom as she does not quite heed all safety warnings we try to give her. Ellie is also a little “wobbly” when she first wakes up and often walks into a wall or doorframe when unsupervised. Finding The Safety Sleeper was a huge relief and we were thrilled with insurance covered it. She’s had it a week now and is in love with her new bed!

It is excellent quality, there is no expense spared in the materials and assembly. It is so well-made and sturdy I feel like it will last us many, many years. We change it up night to night what entrance she uses just for fun. In the morning I don’t worry about her injuring herself. I just wait for her babbling noises and go unzip an entrance and walk her out of her room. She has plenty of space for all her stuffed animals and a pocket for her books that I find her flipping through in the morning. We were thankful we sent in a nice flannel sheet to have made into a coverlet. It’s well made and give her something warmer for the wintertime.

Once I zip Ellie up at night I don’t worry about her at all. I know she’s completely safe, comfortable and happy in her new special bed. Her room is complete now with this bed. It’s a much needed piece of the puzzle for children who need a little extra protection at night.

Thank you so much for The Safety Sleeper for James in Ontario ??. We have been borrowing it from our friends and now we can’t wait to put up his own!!! This bed has changed our life. James has sensory issues and septo optic dysphasia, he makes no hormones throughout his body including sleep hormone. When he gets into his bed (he calls it his house) he instantly relaxes. It’s his safe space. He went from waking up every half hour to some nights sleeping from 7:30pm-6am which is a miracle!!!!!! Thank you so much for providing this safe sleeping spaces!!

Young girl named Hazel smiles in this picture

I just put my daughter to sleep in her Safety Sleeper bed, and each time I do I’m grateful that we have it. When our daughter was 11 months old, she started having absence seizures that evolved quickly into a form of epilepsy called infantile spasms. The year that followed was difficult, and our primary concern was safety. Hazel was sensory seeking, always moving, and had no impulse control. Sleep was the only time we had any sense of relief. One day, she pulled herself up and out of her crib and crashed on the ground and proceeded to repeat this. We literally put up a tent in our bedroom and took turns falling asleep at the zipper door to keep her in and safe. This was the closest to a breaking point we had. We then found the Safety Sleeper. Your concern, responsiveness and outstanding product have literally changed our life. Hazel had brain surgery in 2014 which has so far contained her seizures. We have now been able to start traveling with the bed, and in 2015 went on a family trip to Disney World. Hazel has many challenges ahead, but she is happy, healthy, and learning. We are blessed for her health and for the support we’ve received to get thru this, including this bed. We advocate for this bed at every opportunity, and if we can help spread the word in any way, we will. Note: as an engineer, I am incredibly impressed with the design and its durability.

The Safety Sleeper customized for a firetruck bedframe

Please share your loved one’s diagnosis and specific struggles related to needing The Safety Sleeper™.
Our son has Smith-Magenis Syndrome. This causes him to have a disrupted sleep cycle due to inconsistent melatonin production.

What needs or struggles were you facing when you sought out a product like The Safety Sleeper™? 
Our son would not sleep through the night. He would get up and wander the house. We worried for his safety and his night wandering would disrupt the rest of the family trying to sleep.

What solutions did you utilize before purchasing The Safety Sleeper™? 
We first had him a in a crib tent, when he was a baby. Once he was too big for the crib we put him in a regular bed. He would wander in and from his room, make noises, and disrupt the rest of the household. We considered locking his bedroom door but that did not solve the problem of him wandering within his room. We needed a solution that would help him to settle his body down enough to fall asleep on his own.

What factors or information encouraged you to consider The Safety Sleeper™ for your family? 
It represented a safe way to contain our son at night, also he appreciates being tucked away and feels safer. It solved the problem of his bedroom and full house wandering at night.

What was your deciding factor to purchase The Safety Sleeper™ for your family?
Our need to be able to sleep and also feel our son was safe. Also the ability to take The Safety Sleeper™ with us on vacation meant that we could travel with our son.

What were the results you experienced after buying The Safety Sleeper™? 
Our son felt safe inside and he falls asleep much easier now. We are finally able to control his night wanderings and rest at night.

We received The Safety Sleeper™ a few weeks ago, and I just wanted to let you know how extremely happy both Mady and I are with her new bed. We were able to go through our insurance and it was covered fully. I am so thankful for your help and the development of this product. It is such a relief to have a safe place for Mady to sleep every night and we are so excited she will be able to go on her first vacation this summer. I just wanted to personally thank you again for everything.
Sincerely, Kate H.

When our daughter was about 4 months she began to display signs of autism.  She was in her own little bubble and interacted with my husband, son and I, very little. She had limited eye contact and as she got older she would measure the worth of her toys by the way they would spin in a circle. She was delayed in speech and her understanding of language was limited. My husband and I, both being in the education system, continued to see signs and pursued a diagnosis of ASD as early as 14 months. With this label, that so many run from, we saw advantages of the therapy that insurance would hopefully help us cover.  We knew early intervention was going to be the key to our daughter’s success.

While our daughter has always been a fabulous sleeper, the key was getting her to fall asleep in a timely manner.  Along with her ASD diagnosis, she also displays symptoms of ADHD and her impulsivity is dangerous to her safety.  She is a very intelligent little girl who lets her curiosity get the best of her and she is easily distracted, especially at bedtime.  When she was young we were able to enclose her crib with the “crib tent.” Even with that she was able to “jimmy” it open and find ways out.  Sleeping outside her door to ensure she didn’t escape at night made for an awful night of sleep and then in turn trying to keep up with our high-energy daughter on little sleep the next day, was next to impossible.  We went through about 4 crib tents and began to panic as she began to outgrow her crib.  We knew we needed to find a solution to making bedtime safe.

The Safety Sleeper™ truly was the answer to all of our prayers!  We have had one for the last two years.  We cannot thank you enough for creating such a high-quality product that has changed the lives of our family.  We are finally able to sleep in peace knowing our daughter is safe, content, and comfortable in her Safety Sleeper™.   It is such a cozy, comfortable sleeper, Our daughter enjoys playing in it during the day as well. We are soon-to-be proud owners of our 2nd Safety Sleeper™ for travel purposes only.  We are so looking forward to having one that we only use in hotels, at family sleepovers, and on vacations.  I am so excited to be able to have this option so we can travel, one piece that has been hindered since she outgrew a tent.  It’s not as easy as just going to sleep anywhere…. our daughter needs like-routines and like-procedures from her daily life and this Safety Sleeper™ will allow this on trips.  We’re looking forward to taking it to her grandparents’ house this December.

We can honestly say The Safety Sleeper™ is the single-most important item we own. Being an ESE teacher, I am proud to recommend this product to parents of the students I work with knowing how this sleeper will be a difference maker in them getting a peaceful night’s sleep and for providing the much needed safety for their child. Thank you for putting our mind at peace each night knowing our daughter is safe and secure while she sleeps.

Sue Ann (ESE Teacher) & Ernie (Elementary School Principal)

We love Ella’s bed! Easy to set up and very roomy for her! Gives us peace of mind to know she has a safe place to sleep and we can still travel!!!

It is hard to put into words how this bed has not only changed our son Bennett’s life…but ours. It is his safe haven…his comfort zone AND allows us to actually sleep! I know there are other families who are as desperate as we were to find something safe for in our home and yet also allows us to travel. The Safety Sleeper™ met all of our needs and has delivered above and beyond what we expected! That is priceless. Thank you so much for developing this bed and being such a great supporter of families with special needs.

Heartfelt words from Melissa G.: “It (The Safety Sleeper) is life changing. It will give your child opportunities that they never had!”

We have had this bed for a year now. It truly has been the best thing that has happened for our family. Our son is safe and happy at night, which makes a stress free night for us. He uses it as a safe space for when he is having a meltdown or needs to self regulate for having a sensory overload. He also just enjoys being in there for no other reason than watching tv or playing with his toys.

I’d also like to say something about the quality of this material. Having a special needs child means everything gets destroyed. The saying “We can never have nice things” is a sentence that gets said almost every day in our household. I can honestly say this bed is in the same shape it was a year ago when we got it. Nothing is ripped, torn, stretched, or broken. Colin has severe meltdowns and it has survived his head banging, kicking, and also pushing his head out the foot of the bed trying to see outside his bedroom door. The zippers and material are still intact from all the constant washing, including the sheets and I have to wash them every day due to bed wetting and bm accidents. Sometimes I have to wash them 2-3 times a day. That’s 175 washings per sheet! My point is, it is way worth the price!!

Thank you Rose and everyone at Abram’s Nation for this life changing bed! – Diane Ulrick – June 14, 2018

This is such a well built bed! I was very impressed by the quality. I was amazed at how easy it was to put together. The suitcase that comes with the bed is of great quality. My daughter loves it so much!

The customer service that I received is not something that you see every day. I had question after question answered quickly. I was given ideas on where to look for funding assistance and advice on insurance.

I would highly recommend this company and this bed. Brittaney Crider – April 2018

Love this bed. My daughter self harms and will bash her head on any hard surface, but the bed didn’t have any! We are sleeping better now than the last 4 years. And it travels well! We couldn’t go anywhere because she won’t sleep in a regular bed, she’d rather run around being wild all night, but now we can bring the bed with. Lifesaver. – Ann Daly – April 2018

Today my review is on the fact you do custom coverlets!!! Our sleeper arrived yesterday. I set it up while my son was at speech therapy. He got home before I could change the coverlet. We tried to get him to check out his new bed and he wanted nothing to do with it at all. I was worried. I put on the custom coverlet I had ordered and sent in Mickey Mouse sheets for. He watched as I changed the coverlet. As soon as Mickey was on the bed he wanted in. He loves his new bed (or tent as he calls it). I was actually able to sleep last night. I can already tell this bed will be such a blessing but I am not sure how long it would have taken to get him used to it without the custom coverlet. – Jennifer Crowley Denison-Reese – January 14, 2017 ·

The Safety Sleeper has changed our lives! We were unfortunately declined through our insurance (Tricare ECHO), twice. After 6 months of research, amazing customer service & communication with Abram’s Nation, we purchased a Safety Sleeper bed the day before Thanksgiving.
Our daughter (age 6, ASD, nonverbal, global delayed, micro deletion 15q11.2, seizure disorder, severe hypertonia – poor sleeping habits from the jump) is a terrible sleeper, waking up to start her day between the hours of 1am-3am. We co slept on her twin mattress every night just to get her to fall asleep….then going into ninja mode to sneak out of her room once she was out.
This incredible bed arrived one month ago. It has been the greatest adaptive equipment we have ever purchased.

Thank you so much for giving us peace of mind when go to bed at night. – Kasey Ochipinti – Jan 2018

We have had our safety sleeper for about 2 years. It has been a life changer for when my autistic grandchild visits our home, which is frequently. We no longer have to worry when we put him to bed, which gives us peace of mind to get some sleep ourselves. We love the bed and so does he.

And thank you so much for having this wonderful bed available. Every grandparent should have one for their wonderfully different grandchild.

I purchased The Safety Sleeper back in November 2016 after encountering many sleepless nights from my daughter, who has autism and intellectual disability, after seizures. I thought to myself there must be something on the market to help me and my daughter. My husband and I would literally hold her in a lock to stop her wandering around the house all night. We wouldn’t sleep, she wouldn’t sleep and basically we would wake up exhausted and having to go to work the next day too as we had our own business.

So I searched online and found The Safety Sleeper. I said to myself after receiving it “Why didn’t I think of this sooner!” We also use The Safety Sleeper after a seizure because she is disoriented. She bangs into everything and I can relax knowing she is safe. Highly recommended for parents that need to worry less about their special needs kids.
Thanks! Belinda, Melbourne Australia.

My husband and I first saw The Safety Sleeper in 2012. Our son with Smith-Magenis Syndrome was just two years old at the time, but we knew we would want to have a place he could be safe at night once he moved to a bed. We bought our first Safety Sleeper within the next year, and we had it ready to go when our son transitioned to a bed. The move went great!

He loved his cozy tent, and because he had never had the experience of getting up and about during the night he didn’t know what he was missing. He was still awake at night, but he was content and calm, hanging out in his bed until we got him in the morning. The rest of our family could sleep! And our son was safe.

We have now been using The Safety Sleeper for almost three years and I feel it has been a critical piece of the puzzle in maintaining our family’s well-being. I could not recommend it more highly!

So I’m always hesitant to brag about Wyatt’s sleep because it seems to backfire on me, but I have to share what a difference this bed has made in our lives. One of the many symptoms of Smith Magenis Syndrome is a severe sleep disorder. Individuals with SMS have an inverted circadian rhythm, meaning they produce melatonin (a hormone that makes you sleepy) during the day and not at night. The last 2 and half years I could literally count on one hand the number of times we slept through the night. It was absolutely brutal to say the least on all three of us!! Then a little over 2 months ago we got The Safety Sleeper or as I like to call it the miracle bed!!! We have slept more in the last 2 months than we did in the previous 2 and half years!!! I can’t explain it, but this bed facilitates a better nights sleep for Wyatt. Not to say he doesn’t wake up some because he does (although he really doesn’t wake up that much anymore), but I don’t have to worry that he is somehow going to get out of he bed and roam the house or hurt himself. This bed has truly been a life changer for us!!! Thanks so much to Rose with Abram’s Bed for this amazing piece of equipment!!!

The Safety Sleeper has literally CHANGED our life. This was the best investment we could have EVER made for our family and for our son. It is worth every penny. Our son has a rare genetic syndrome called Smith Magenis Syndrome where his sleep cycle is reversed. That means he falls asleep during the day and typically wakes up multiple times at night. Between 3-4 a.m., he would be wide awake and we could not get him back to sleep. This posed numerous safety problems and made us very sleepy and tired constantly. We would find him at the door about to go out into the street in the middle of the night. He had called the police multiple times. One night, we found him sitting in the middle of the floor surrounded by empty ice cream wrappers. We tried locking his door, having a bell on his door, etc. We were exhausted. The first time our son was in the Safety Sleeper, he and we got our rest, and we weren’t frantic with worry that he would leave in the middle of the night. Our son LOVES his “camper bed”. Having the Safety Sleeper meant that we could now travel as a family and not worry that he would be wandering the halls of a strange hotel. Before The Safety Sleeper, we did not travel or take a vacation because we were worried so much about him. With The Safety Sleeper, we can now go to see friends and family and give him the experiences that my husband and I had as children. Thank you Safety Sleeper for helping our son be safe and get his sleep. Thank you for giving our family the ability to have family vacations and make memories. Thank you, thank you!!!

Thank you for all you have done for our family. Words don’t even cover it all. We would not be the same without you. Thank you for our sleep, our freedom of worry, the ability to travel, and the list goes on and on. Please continue to do what you are doing. Thank you for it ALL!
Anonymous Mom to a great kiddo

I have a disabled son with CHARGE syndrome. My son used to sleep in a high sided special needs bed but the little devil learned how to climb the walls of it so I spent most of might night in and out of his bedroom. I won The Safety Sleeper in a competition and it has change our lives and I am so grateful and would recommend The Safety Sleeper to everyone.

Addi’s Safety Sleeper arrived on her 5th birthday. 5th birthdays are a milestone for all kids, but for children with rare disease 5th birthdays are even more incredible. 1/3 of children don’t live long enough to celebrate a 5th birthay. Imagine how happy we were to receive this on our doorstep. Addi is happy, happy, happy. She is safe, safe, safe and we got the best night’s sleep in a long time….despite the fact that we just learned that she needs a couple of risky brain surgeries. This bed is healing for all of us at a time when we really need it most. It sets up so easily and is so well made. We travel to Boston (4-6 hours each way) 2-5 times per month so Addi can receive her infusions, visit her doctors and have spinal taps, MRIs and other fun stuff. This bed packs nicely and will help us sleep better and maintain our stamina. The other patients in family housing will be crazy jealous. We also needed to clean up her first Safety vomit. It was easy to remove the coverlet, scrub it off and get it clean – despite the fact that it had dried. We are beside ourselves with happiness.

Thank you so much for a fantastic quality, easy to use product that meets our safety needs and gives us peace of mind. Our OT and Medical Social Worker already have a few families lined up to come and see it with their patient families. Hopefully you are making their beds soon. We are happy to be your glowing reference, if you ever want or need it.

Thank you again sooooo much.

Our 6 yr old son is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy Quadriplegia and Cognitive Impairment (mental age 1 yr old and doesn’t yet understand practicing safety precautions or the dangers of fall risk). He absolutely loves his Safety Sleeper bed! It is such a huge relief knowing that our son is sleeping safely thru the night. It’s great for traveling or vacationing. We are able to take the bed to a family member or friend’s house so that if our son needs a break from his wheelchair he has a safe environment to play, stretch out, and nap. Can take it camping or he can enjoy the backyard bug free and in the shade. It is very easy to assemble/disassamble. For extra fun we put ball pit balls in the bed and our son has a blast rolling in them and throwing them. I could go on and on about how awesome this bed is and how happy it makes our son. Thank you to the entire Safety Sleeper Bed Team for creating such an amazing bed! I highly recommend this bed over any special needs safety bed out there!

My son was diagnosed with autism and epilepsy just as he turned 2 years of age. One of the many challenges that comes with his autism is that regardless of how sleepy he may be, he simply will not stay in a bed. When he outgrew his crib, my dilemma became very real, very fast: finding a way to enclose him safely in order for him to sleep. My first attempts were frustrating, trying to use “pop-up” style tents with an inflatable mattress inside. These tents would work for a short while; however, the materials were never strong enough to withstand his pushing against the tent walls. Mesh would split apart. And out of the tent he would walk. To further complicate matters, even the priciest inflatable mattresses were not durable enough for him as he enjoys bouncing with such force that he would puncture the mattresses. Next step was to purchase the least expensive “special needs tent bed” on the market. That tent bed lasted, literally, 15 minutes before a seam separated and rendered the product useless. That night, I cried.

I then purchased a traditional twin mattress and a “one person” camping tent. One morning, I discovered my precious 3 year old wedged between the wall of the tent and his mattress. He was having a seizure and became entrapped, with his face pressed against the mattress. Mercifully, he was okay, but the terror of that situation pressed me to find a safer sleeping environment. While there are several enclosed bed options, none of them were as affordable OR had the promise of portability like The Safety Sleeper™. The design addressed all my needs: enclosed sleeping without possibility of entrapment and suffocation AND the ability to use it away from home.

When our Safety Sleeper™ arrived, I was overjoyed! It was of such high quality materials! My 14 year old son and I assembled it in 10 minutes. My nonverbal 3 year old became visibly excited when he saw he fantastic new bed! He climbed right in! He played in it, he bounced in it, and he has loved it ever since. We’ve had our Safety Sleeper™ 10 months. My son sleeps in its daily. It handles all that he dishes out: climbing on the outside of it, bouncing heartily inside of it, and pressing forcefully against the mesh walls. It is holding up beautifully. We have used it on our beach vacation thanks to its easy portability. We have moved it to a lower level in our home when our air conditioner broke this summer. We have taken it on trips to visit relatives. None of those things would have been possible without the portability offered by The Safety Sleeper™.

The peace of mind when I tuck him in his Safety Sleeper™ at night, knowing that he is safe and comfortable, is something for which I will always be grateful. The pride of craftsmanship so evident in this bed is something for which I will always be thankful.

We received our Safety Sleeper™ in the mail in Febuary 2014. The first night we used it, itworked like magic and our daughter did not wake us for over ten hours. Before our Safety Sleeper™, she slept in a crib. Our daughter has Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS) and wakes multiple times a night. When she awakens, she rocks to self-soothe to sleep. If we did not retrieve her she would do her self-soothing rocking, which ended in her banging her head against the crib rails for a good 20-30 minutes before she fell asleep. We were exhausted from being woken multiple times a night. Now that we have The Safety Sleeper™ our daughter does not wake us during the night, is better rested and we have the peace of mind knowing she is safe at night. We can, without a doubt, say that The Safety Sleeper™ has saved our lives. Thank you Safety Sleeper™ team for providing our entire family with a good night’s sleep.

I absolutely recommend the Safety Sleeper to any family that has a special needs child! I brought it on a trip to AZ and I had no issue at all getting it thru luggage. I checked it as a special item and I didn’t have to pay for that or his stroller. It was invaluable when we were at the hotel.Because we all know autistic children are very good at figuring out things. Within 5 minutes of being in the hotel my 4 yr old son figured out how to open the room door and ran down the hall. Thank you for making such a useful and quality product.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your incredible customer service. I still cannot believe how quickly you were able to secure a bed for us. We were expecting a much longer wait time and are shocked by how quickly our order was processed.

We have had The Safety Sleeper™ for five days now. It is not easy to put into words just how much this bed has changed our lives. The moment our non-verbal son first saw his new bed, his eyes lit up. The ease with which he can enter and exit his bed is a tremendous benefit. And the fact that he LOVES it is priceless. The craftsmanship is impeccable. It is so sturdy and the materials are such high quality. We actually feel like he is safe at night. It has been a very long time since we have had the luxury of that assurance. The Safety Sleeper™ is a remarkable product and you all should be so proud of the gift you have given to our family.

Finally, I want to add that The Safety Sleeper™ assembly is impossibly easy. My husband and I put it together in less time than it took to take his old tent bed down. We are planning on taking a trip at the end of the month and we are so excited to know that it will no longer take us such a long time to set up his bed in the hotels and at the resort. We could not be happier and are so very grateful for everything.

I certainly relied on what other families had to say when deciding to purchase our Safety Sleeper™ . I hope my feedback inspires many others to purchase what we like to call “the best invention EVER!”.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We received our Safety Sleeper™ yesterday, and man were we excited to see it… Our daughter slept in it for the first time last night, and man oh man, she was not her mad self screaming and banging for 45 minutes before going to bed, she fused for 2 minutes not a word of a lie, and played a bit but went to bed, and to boot this morning instead of her normal 5:45 am or 6:10am wake up scream and knocking and head banging the door like normal she slept soundly until 8 am , 8 am I have to type it twice just to make sure this isn’t a dream lol… Again, thanks for the added trouble of getting us this bed in Canada, we are so very thankful and its only been 1 night.

Cedric has had his Safety Sleeper™ for a month and a half. Cedric loves his bed and it has tramendessly changed our lives. He goes right to sleep at night and we can now get plenty of rest now as well knowing that Cedric is safe and secure in his new bed. We want to thank Fund It Forward so very much again for providing us with The Safety Sleeper™ and we are looking forward to the Kalahari Resort fund raiser in order to try to help you guys as much as you have helped us in our time of need. We cannot thank you enough!

My daughter learned how to climb out of her pack and play while we were on vacation visiting family. From that point on we didn’t get a decent nights sleep for the rest of the trip. I was so anxious to get home so I could put her in her crib so I could try and get some rest. When we finally got home and I put her in her crib the first thing she did was hike her leg up and crawled right out. I broke down in tears. I was so tired. We purchased a crib tent the next day and it was like night and day. She was content, happy and stayed asleep or quietly playing at night again. Mom, Dad and Little girl all happy. Unfortunately crib tents only last a short time and before we knew it she had outgrown her crib and we were left scared of living without sleep again. I was researching on the Internet when I came across The Safety Sleeper™ website. I knew instantly this product was just what we needed for our family. We are military and travel frequently and it made perfect sense to get something that would work in the home as well as when we were PCSing, or just on vacation visiting family and friends. I began the journey of finding funding for it. Spent a lot of time filling out paperwork for grants, researching insurance, talking to doctors and therapists before coming across a friend who had used The Airman and Family Readiness (Air Force Aid Society) to fund a defibrillator for her son that wasn’t covered by insurance. I immediately sent an email to our AFRC and was asked to come in and fill out some paperwork. It took only 3 days for them to call us and let us know the bed was being funded and was ordered for us! We were so excited. We now have a super cute pink Safety Sleeper™ in my daughters room that she loves and spends nighttime as well as playtime in. Thanks to the Air force Aid Society and Rose Morris for helping our family sleep peacefully again.

Not a testimonial, but better: “The Bed Tent Saga” by Kelly whose daughter Chloe sleeps in The Safety Sleeper™. We will only quote a short paragraph, for the complete story, click here.

“We love Chloe’s bed SO MUCH that… well, I can’t even describe it! The peace. The sleep. The safety. There is nothing like it. There is really nothing like it. Every night, we zip Chloe in her cute bright pink bed that she loves (that’s a bonus! not a requirement, but a bonus!) and we know that we know that we know that she will be there safe and sound when we return in the morning. No need to go check on her ten times every night. No need to worry if she’s safe.    It. is. crazy. awesome.    And you cannot put a price on safety and peace and sleep. Period.”

Hi Rose, It has been a few months since we’ve had The Safety Sleeper™ and we can safely say this is the best investment we’ve ever made. We are thrilled with the product, not only in terms of quality and ease of set up and taking down for travel but for the safety, peace of mind and well living it has put back in our life! Our son is safe and that statement is worth its weight in gold. We can’t thank you enough for creating this product and for all of your help to get it to us here in Canada. I have spread the word on this product amongst those we are in contact with here whose children are equally as challenged and I hope we can help them as well. Kind Regards and Merry Christmas!

Rose, thank you for giving my son and my entire family our bedtime back! His Safety Sleeper™ arrived today. Bedtime was a breeze–he fell asleep within five minutes of climbing in for the first time, and he loved your product! This contrasts with the hours of wandering and nighttime mischief (and danger) we previously experienced. We are thankful for your product! Kelly S. H. from Traverse City, MI, November 2011

Sam was really excited to pick the color of the bed. I was glad HE had a choice 🙂 [His words:] “Yellow, cuz its happy like the sun, like Jesus is happy”.
Thanks, Rose!

Hi Rose: Received the bed yesterday. It’s perfect… easy to put together, VERY well constructed and just the right size. Frankie climbed right in and LOVED it–what a great night sleep we all had last night. THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you for providing The Safety Sleeper™. Our daughter Julia uses an enclosed bed at home due to her special needs, but we had few options when we travelled. With the Safety Sleeper™, we now have a comfortable and safe option when we go on vacation or visit relatives.

First of all, I can’t thank you enough for what you did for us …… you are an absolute ANGEL from heaven!!! In a number of ways, this product is an answer to prayer! Second, I wanted to let you know we were able to set up The Safety Sleeper™ yesterday afternoon for the first time. Lili has never slept in any bed other than her crib in her room at home, so I was expecting some signs of anxiety from her when we started moving things around. Instead she seemed curious, and seemed to immediately accept the new bed. Then came The Safety Sleeper™ – and maybe because my two other kids were super excited about it, it didn’t take her long to crawl in, make herself at home, and then we had a hard time getting her out of it for the rest of the afternoon! I suspect that she likes it because she is able to get into and out of it on her own, unlike the crib… I have been telling everyone that once she was comfortable sleeping in it, that it would really make a huge difference in our ability to travel. Twice this past year, we took her to visit relatives and both times there were issues with sleeping arrangements and how to keep her in bed. Not only will those issues and concerns be magically wiped away, but having her sleep in The Safety Sleeper™ on trips like that will help to provide her with a piece of home, a touch of familiarity, and she will probably sleep a whole lot better …. which means that WE will sleep a whole lot better!! I can never express to you how profoundly grateful I am to have found out about your product and met you over the phone. I don’t have any idea how we would have been able to transition her out of her crib otherwise, given our safety concerns. Now, I can rest peacefully, knowing that she is comfortable, safe, and I don’t have to worry about her outgrowing her bed anymore! I wanted to let you know how humbled I am by your actions with regard to our case, and make sure to tell you that I will keep in touch and let you know about all of the exciting things to come with our new Safety Sleeper™!

My daughter Camryn, now age 11, was born with Mowat-Wilson syndrome. Camryn is severely mentally handicapped with a seizure disorder. Camryn walks, but not well and has never said a word. Camryn is however, a very active and happy child who requires very little sleep. Before The Safety Sleeper™, Camryn had to be locked in her room at night, with a mattress on the floor. Thanks to The Safety Sleeper™, locking her door is no longer necessary and I have the peace of mind knowing she is safe and secure in her bed. I believe Camryn sleeps better in the bed because she cannot get to her toys that tempt her if she arouses in the middle of the night. Camryn adjusted well to the bed, she seems to have loved it as much as I did from the beginning. I think the bed makes her feel secure as well. Traveling with Camryn has always been difficult as well as sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with her sisters. The Safety Sleeper™ makes both a much more pleasant experience, because Camryn gets to sleep in a bed that is familiar to her. Thank you to The Safety Sleeper™ for making bedtime better for my whole family! Amber H. from Huntingburg, IN, February 2011

Thank you so much for The Safety Sleeper™ you built for my daughter Kai! I have struggled to find a solution over here [in Ireland] to keep my daughter safe at night and the work you did to create a custom Safety Sleeper™ for my daughter’s bed was more than I expected or could have hoped for, especially with the different standard bed sizes in Europe compared to America. Kai is very comfortable and happy in her new bed and I am reassured that she will be safe at night. A further bonus was that The Safety Sleeper™ was exempt from custom tax as the equipment is specified as disability equipment. Thank you so much, my daughter and I are very pleased!

I am a Social Worker for a Pediatric Medical Daycare. We had a boy named Anthony, who attended our daycare with a seizure disorder and severely developmentally delayed. Mom had concerns of her son getting out of his crib due to his age and ability to climb. Worrying that Anthony would climb out of his crib and fall; there were many sleepless nights in their house. I did research after research for an enclosed bed and could not find anything that would be suitable for Anthony. Finally, I came across The Safety Sleeper™ and knew it would be the answers to Anthony’s mother’s prayers. I was fortunate to get the bed paid for by NJ Medicaid. I did a lot of calling to the insurance and was very persistent with trying to get Medicaid to pay. I had the neurologist write a letter to the insurance company, telling them about his seizures and developmental delay. With much perseverance, advocacy and determination the insurance company approved the bed. Thank you so much Rose for your help and support and most of all for making this wonderful bed!!

The Safety Sleeper™ is a total lifesaver for our family. We were relying on a crib tent for far too long and after our son broke his third, we ordered The Safety Sleeper™. We are totally impressed by the quality manufacturing when it arrived, and by how easy it was to assemble. We have family across the country and travel a lot. The Safety Sleeper™ comes with us and is amazing! Great peace of mind and despite the price, you actually get a good value- it’s so well made!

Rose, the bed worked great.
I wedged it between two queen beds in the hotel room. She did her best to cause havoc, but Annie did not knock it down 🙂
Take care!

We just got our bed and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! It’s AWESOME! It’s the full size with pads! FINALLY, a restful nights sleep for everyone!

My name is Jennie and I recently purchased The Safety Sleeper™ bed for my son Anthony. Anthony has seizures and is developmentally delayed, he is also very off balance and falls a lot. He needs to be confined at night because he has no sense of danger and he does not sit still. He is almost 3 and was getting too big for the crib. I was just waiting for the day that he was going to climb out because that night would be the many sleepless nights that I was going to have. Then the social worker at his medical day care found The Safety Sleeper™ while researching my options. This bed is amazing. No tools needed to put it together and it’s portable. I don’t need to worry about him getting hurt at night. Which to most of us who are worried about everything it’s a nice breath of fresh air. I just wanted to say a big thank you to Rose and The Safety Sleeper™, you guys have answered my prayers. You gave me peace and lifted this huge weight off me. Thank You!
Dear Rose,
Thank you so much for how hard you worked to make my Safety Sleeper™ a success! I first learned about The Safety Sleeper™ at the walk for autism a few months ago. My 10 year old son is severely autistic and we have had a difficult time keeping track of him, especially at night. When I saw The Safety Sleeper™ I thought it just might work. I was very skeptical because even though something is “indestructible” it is not always “Luke Proof”. We have been through so many mattress over the years that I have lost count. My son would tear them with his teeth and eat the stuffing, we could not leave him alone, so since he does not sleep for days on end, you can image how tired our whole family is.
I was put off by the cost at first, but when my brother offered to help with the cost as a Christmas present for my son I thought I would give it a try. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!!
I can not begin to describe how this incredible product has change my life. First, my son loves it! His Safety Sleeper™ is right in the corner of the family room, we can always see him and what he is doing, and he feels safe to know he has a place where no one will bother him. He loves to be in The Safety Sleeper™. It is so roomy that he can play and move around and so open that he can see the TV all from inside the sleeper. At night I hear him wake up and … laughing, but I no longer have to worry about what he has gotten in to, or where I’m going to find him. He is SAFE!
When we first received The Safety Sleeper™, it had a small tare, [but] Rose and her team worked very quickly and efficiently to fix the canvas and have it back to me. She worked so hard to keep the cost of my canvas bed affordable and I can never thank her enough for giving me the restful sleep that I enjoy every night.
Thank you so much for all you have done, I hope to send a picture of my Luke with his big smile inside his Safety Sleeper™ . Thank you again.

The Safety Sleeper™ gave me my son back. I am a single dad now and I share the love of my life with my ex wife. It broke my heart when for 1 1/2 years I wasn’t able to have my son come stay with me for any extended time because of his sleeping, or lack of sleeping issues. I was afraid for him. I live on the water and I was concerned he would get out of the house and get hurt. My son’s mom bought The Safety Sleeper™ for him a few months prior. She started sending The Safety Sleeper™ with little John for his weekend visits and it worked great; he slept in it and was safe. So we started carrying it back and forth.

I had purchased other types of tent like systems but they paled in comparison to The Safety Sleeper™. After using The Safety Sleeper™ on weekend visits I knew I wanted to buy my own for my son to have at my house. Rose and her crew put a rush on the bed so that we could have it by Halloween weekend. It is a bit pricier than the other cheap tents I bought, but The Safety Sleeper™ is not cheaply made. You get what you pay for and it is worth every penny.

My husband was able to easily put together The Safety Sleeper™. My 2 1/2 year old twins and my four year daughter (who the bed is for) all were excited to go in the new Safety Sleeper™ . They enjoyed playing in it. My four year old daughter is severely autistic and was engaging in unsafe behaviors during the night. She climbed on furniture and tore down three sets of window treatments. We striped her bedroom of everything but a mattress. Then she climbed the gate we had on her door and she got out of her room in the middle of the night. The Safety Sleeper™ has provided us with peace of mind that my daughter will stay safe throughout the night. She is sleeping very soundly in The Safety Sleeper™ and we are sleeping sounder too. Thank you for bringing this wonderful product to the market.

I really dont know how I have survived this long without The Safety Sleeper™ . I have probably slept more in the last week than I usually do in a month. The peace of mind knowing Joey cant get hurt or into anything dangerous is such a wonderful feeling! Joey took right to The Safety Sleeper™. When I got the bed together we put him in just to see his reaction……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….. in about five minutes time. Joey has slept soundly ever since he received this wonderful gift. I call it a gift because Joey’s Safety Sleeper™ was purchased through a great charity in Louisville, KY, called Kosairs Charities. Without the generosity of these great people, Joey would never have gotten his Safety Sleeper™. Thanks a million, Rose and The Safety Sleeper™, maybe I can get some dreaming in to see if dreams really do come true, lol. Thank you!

The following testimonial was written by my mom, after she visited and spent a week with our family:

Rose, I just want to write you a thank you for all the hard work you have put into the bed that has made sleeping safe and secure for my darling grandson. I know the peace of mind you must have as you put him to bed and know he will be happy, safe, and able to get a good night’s rest.
The fact that the bed is “tall” enough for him to have room to play when he wakes up is a super added bonus. I see this wonderful intervention as being something that can be used in a multitude of situations. With so many older people having problems such as Alzheimer’s, I see this bed being used by all ages as well as by many different needs. The fact that it is portable will mean that many families can go and do activities that would otherwise be out of the question or very difficult.
I think you will bless countless families with putting The Safety Sleeper™ on the market and not keeping it just for your child. Thanks again!

I am writing this to thank you for the wonderful bed you are providing. My daughter’s family was finally able to all go on vacation together at the same time because, for the first time, they had a safe way for their autistic child to participate with the family. Your bed is going to give many families freedom to do many activities, which in turn, will give quality life to all. I wish you much success and many blessings for all the wonderful people who will benefit from this marvelous invention.