16 Types of ‘Harmful’ Comments Parents of Kids on the Autism Spectrum Are Tired of Hearing

March 22, 2019 | Abram's Nation

It’s a situation many parents of kids on the autism spectrum have experienced: you get to the store and 15 minutes into your shopping trip your child has a meltdown. They are crying. They are screaming. You are down on the floor with them but unable to help them get regulated.

Now picture the people around you. They are staring. You may even hear someone whisper, “If that was my child they would know better than to throw a tantrum like that!”

Except your child is not “throwing a tantrum,” they’re so overwhelmed by sensory overload they’re having a meltdown.

Unfortunately, hearing unkind remarks like these is not an uncommon experience for kids on the autism spectrum as well as their parents.

We reached out to parents in our autism community and asked them to share some of the comments they’ve heard regarding their parenting. Here are the types of remarks parents have told us they’ve encountered:  Read More at The Mighty.