Abram’s Nation Partners With Tadpole Adaptive for Affordable Safety Sleepers

November 17, 2021 | Abram's Nation

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Tadpole Adaptive, an online shop and crowdfunding platform centered around individuals managing cognitive and mobility challenges. Thanks to Tadpole Adaptive’s generous crowdfunding platform, MobilityFunder, we can provide our customers with another financial resource for accessing enclosed safety beds for special needs children. 

As the parent company for The Safety Sleeper®, we’ve seen hundreds of case studies on the transformative impact of good sleep for special needs kids. Better sleep leads to better physical growth, better cognitive performance, and better relationships with well-rested family members. More importantly, The Safety Sleeper®, an FDA-registered bed, is designed to prevent special needs children from wandering at night, where they could potentially endanger themselves or their loved ones. In many cases, The Safety Sleeper® can work alongside or even replace sleep-related behavior modification therapy or medication among these children! 

Why We Love Tadpole Adaptive And Their MobilityFunder

Tadpole Adaptive has designed the MobilityFunder to put the end-user first. Instead of taking around 3% of all donations for administrative support and salaries, like GoFundMe and simpler crowdfunding platforms, MobilityFunder transfers all donations to the organization. No service fees. No transaction fees. Instead, the entire donated amount can go directly toward purchasing life-changing medical equipment for someone in need. 

Better yet, MobilityFunder promises to assist no matter what the circumstances are. So, when someone’s insurance refuses to cover an item or they simply can’t afford something, MobilityFunder provides a platform anyone can use. 

In addition, Abram’s Nation and Tadpole Adaptive have similar founder stories. Abram’s Nation was inspired by our son, Abram, after we developed the first enclosed safety bed concept for his bedroom. Tadpole Adaptive, meanwhile, was founded by Andy Huesing, a man who has found a way to thrive personally and professionally without the use of his legs, and he’s passionate about sharing independence with others who face similar challenges. 

We’re thrilled to work alongside Tadpole Adaptive and their MobilityFunder to provide affordable and safe beds to kids all over the world.

Purchasing A Safety Sleeper

If you’re interested in learning more about our Safety Sleeper beds, view our website’s Safety Sleeper options or our variety of Safety Sleeper accessories. Of course, you can also view our Safety Sleeper options through Tadpole Adaptive. If you’d like to explore crowdfunding for your next purchase, read about the MobilityFunder in greater detail.