Abram’s Story: By Rose Morris

February 1, 2016 | Abram's Nation

abramgarageAbram is special because he has always had an engineering mind. From his marble run designs, intricate train track creations to watching the garage door go up and down until he burned out the motor. He has always just wanted to understand HOW things work.

Playing for Abram isn’t about the marble or the train. It is about the design and layout and figuring out how to make it work. I believe his engineering mind adds to his navigational genius status as well.

trainWe visited New York City last year, which was his first visit and while there, he rode the NYC subway for the first time. After riding, we exited the subway station near our hotel onto a different street than we had entered earlier that day. None of the adults knew which direction to go, but Abram looked up at his dad, Jeff, and told him, “We turn left then go up the crosswalk and make a right”…and HE WAS RIGHT! The hotel was less than a block away!