Caleb’s Story: by Jamee Kovac

February 29, 2016 | Abram's Nation

We at Abram’s Bed believe that your loved ones are special, not because of their diagnosis, but because of who they are. We want to celebrate the individualism of everyone and what makes them special and unique.

Meet Caleb. UntitledBelow is his story about why he is so special.

Caleb’s Story: By Jamee Kovac

Raising a non-verbal child has its challenges. Although our son Caleb does not have an audible voice, we are constantly embracing his voice within ourselves. Sharing stories of Caleb’s life is an effective way for us to share his voice. As you read this story, imagine that you are hearing from Caleb…

Getting ready for school in the morning is always a hectic time. I’m usually up a bit before I need to be, but that’s only because I’m a creature of habit and I like to get in some iPad time before school. All within a period of about 40 minutes, my mom and dad find a way to cram in giving my sister Myla and me breakfast, getting us dressed, and gathering all that we need for school each day.

Though I’m not a big fan of any of this, there are certain things that I am superstitious about in the morning. My mom understands that I need some Mommy time each morning. She’s well aware that I just want her to sit with me for a bit, and if she tries to deny me this, she can expect for me to just drag her to the couch myself.  A morning also isn’t complete, unless I have some time to sit on my dog, Goldie, and let her know that I love her. Throw in a few minutes of agitating my sister, Myla, (usually by disrupting her as she drinks her juice on the couch) and we can call it a morning. Mom and Dad never forget to sing my teachers’ names to me to get me excited about school and we’re off.

But wait, there’s something else that I decided just this week needs to be added to each chaotic morning. It came to me the other day and I couldn’t leave until I completed this task. As mommy ushered me to the steps on our way out, I was dragging her the other way. Mom, I can’t leave until I give my baby sister a kiss, was what she finally figured out as I did just that and have each day since. Madelyn is 3-months old and she has my heart. Now, she’s just as much a part of the morning circus as the rest of us.

You might be wondering why I used this story to describe why I am special. My infectious smile, my contagious laugh, and my perseverance for doing what my mind is set on are perhaps a bit too obvious. In my humble opinion, what makes me special runs a bit deeper. First, I have a clear understanding of what is really important in life. Throughout my days, not just in the mornings, my main focus is expressing my love for my family and my friends. I don’t concern myself with much beyond that.

This makes me different from most other people and this makes me special. I am also keenly aware of what is going on around me. You see, in this story, Madelyn was in another room of the house, but I still knew that she was there. Just like I know how to get to my favorite places as we’re driving there in the car, where my favorite things are hidden in the house, and when I’m about to see my favorite people, just by where we are at. My ability to pay attention to my surroundings allows me to overcome my inability to ask questions. This makes me astute and gives me independence and this too makes me special.

After hearing Caleb tell his story through his mom’s words you may be thinking about your loved one’s story of why they are special beyond their diagnosis. We want to hear and share your story. Click here to share with the Abram’s Bed team and the community.