Christmas Wish List

December 2, 2015 | Abram's Nation

Christmas is coming! Check out our Wish List for ideas to bring joy to your family as you gather around the tree.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas this year we wish for…

1 Edwin the Duck – An Edwin the Duck is a friendly toy duck that your child can hold and lives through the Edwin the Duck app available on the iTunes App Store (Android version coming soon). Through this interactive app and toy your child can learn while being immersed in music, listening to stories, and playing games with Edwin.

2 The Safety Sleeper – Of course we must mention this one! No one can enjoy holidays or even a normal day without a good night’s rest. Help your loved have sweet dreams…sugar plums dancing, etc. and know that they are safe and secure. Also, look out for our December deal on free Stabilizing Straps with the purchase of The Safety Sleeper!

3 Sensory Toys – For your loved ones with special needs, give them a wonderful Christmas with toys that stimulate their senses. And in the spirit of giving, get $10 off any purchase of $100 or more, just use the HOLIDAY1 promo code at checkout.

4 A New Bike – Everyone can remember when they received their very first bike, whether a birthday or around the holidays. Give your loved one a new and safe bike that fits their needs. On our list this year we are asking for a bike!

5 A Chill Out Rock’er and Roll’er chair! – With the new features of rocking or rolling, this alternative seating can be perfect for the holidays with family. Treat your loved one like royalty with their very own, tailored-to-them chair.

6 The PAL System – To prevent the anxiety of a loved one wandering, the PAL system makes sure you always know where your loved one is. With this Protect and Locate system, the wristwatch locater and portable receiver work together to keep your loved one safe this holiday season and in seasons to come. For more information visit