COVID-19 Announcement

March 19, 2020 | Abram's Nation

Dear Friends. We want you to be aware of the potential impact on your family and/or organization.

Abram’s Nation is following this in real time and will provide updates as more concrete information becomes available and pertinent to our relationship.

Effective today Abram’s Nation is implementing a work from home policy for all non-manufacturing employees. All those that work to create The Safety Sleeper and our other products are doing so with a strong mindset of Social distancing. We are still actively working to meet the needs of our families.

At this time we also want to reiterate that we have always had safety and cleanliness as a core value. Our Repair/ Loaner and Rental beds follow the same sanitizing process as they enter our building and/or leave our building.

All of this is to support our team, clients, communities, and health care system. If we can flatten the curve and enable our system to handle the crisis in a staged fashion, that would enable better healthcare for those affected and possibly save lives. We will reevaluate this decision as needed.

Warm Regards,

Rose Morris,
Founder and President of Abram’s Nation