Fidget Your Way

September 7, 2018 | Abram's Nation

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach maybe we should teach the way they learn.” – Ignacio Estrada

Creating a full arsenal of tools that strives to meet each child with special needs where they are and facilitate their journey to increase capabilities and fulfillment is part of Abram’s Nation vision. To help children with support sensory integration therapy, and build functional skills we are proudly introducing a sensory product called The Fidget Folder.

The Fidget Folder is the world’s first completely customizable, fully compact, transportable sensory folder. Included is a free starter Communication Bundle with dry erase feature, “I am working for” board and Visual card holder. Additional PEC cards can be downloaded from Teachers and Occupational Therapists will appreciate the durable quality of the Fidget Folder, which can be used classrooms and therapy centers.

The Fidget Folder is the only sensory therapy tool that can adapt to the needs of each individual, from fine motor therapy to tactile, to life skills. It’s available in Pink, Purple and Blue. The Fidget Folder features a variety of Fidget Bundles based on sensory needs. Each bundle is color coordinated to keep neatly organized. The All-In-One Fidget Folder includes the Communication, Dressing, Tactile, and Motor Sensory Bundles. Fidget Bundles or mix and match individual therapy pieces in the bundle can also be purchased separately.

  • (Navy) The Dressing Bundle – designed to promote independent dressing
  • (Green) The Tactile Bundle – designed for individuals that seek various textures and textile as a means to stimulate their senses
  • (Purple) Fine Motor Sensory Bundle – designed to improve dexterity and enhance eye coordination

Future bundles will be Auditory Sensory, Life Skills, Visual, Cognition, and Proprioception.

Visit for more information about or to purchase the The Fidget Folder. We gladly accept purchase orders from schools, therapy clinics and government institutions.