J.R.’s Story: By Marisa Grover

April 4, 2016 | Abram's Nation

Our son J.R. is an “Angel” in every sense of the word. His constant smile and bubbling laughter are contagious. You can be having the worst day of your life and J.R. will embrace you with a loving hug and give you a million kisses that will take all your sorrows away. He doesn’t realize that God chose him to have a genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome. A syndrome that causes him to be developmentally delayed, non-verbal, and have seizures (www.angelman.org).

Untitled2J.R. loves to be active. He loves playing outside with his brother, especially riding his bike up and down our street. Recently, he fell off his bike with training wheels and strained his quadriceps muscle and was unable to walk for 2 weeks. He required physical therapy to recover from this injury. J.R. also loves to workout on the elliptical machine and would stay on it for hours laughing the entire time.  He enjoys swimming and most recently swinging on his therapeutic swing in our basement while listening to Michael Jackson songs.

We feel blessed that God gave us our Angel J.R. He brings a little piece of heaven to everyone he comes in contact with.  

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