Landon’s Story: by Lori J.

August 22, 2016 | Abram's Nation

Landon_J_cropped_600Landon is a rambunctious and loving little 4 ½-year-old. We met Landon when he was 2 days old and he became a permanent member of our family at the age of 1 ½. Within a few months of having Landon, we realized that he was a special little boy with a lot of special needs.

Landon has 2Q37 Deletion Syndrome which involves hypertonia, seizures and mild to moderate developmental delays. He did not roll over till almost 9 months, crawl until he was almost 2 and he did not start walking until after he turned 3. While he does not talk or communicate verbally, he shows his love in many ways.

He is quick to hug, kiss and snuggle. Snuggling is his favorite activity. When he got too big for his crib, it became clear that while we could watch and keep him safe during the day, nighttime was an issue. Landon does not sleep through the night and he would get up and walk around the house if not watched continuously. He does not comprehend most simple commands and does not understand the concept of danger and the need to stay in bed at night.

We tried a lot of different options that left us on alert all night and sleep deprived during the day. The Safety Sleeper gives us the peace of mind knowing he is safe and secure. And he loves his bed. He will go to his room and climb in his bed and fuss if we try to take him out. He prefers his bed over every other place in the house except for “his” rocking recliner.

The Safety Sleeper has been a blessing to Landon and to our family in general. We no longer have to rearrange hotel rooms when we go on vacation or put a mattress on the floor where we would sleep with Landon so he did not roll/climb off and get hurt. Thank you!