Levon’s Story: By Dyna Mendoza

May 2, 2016 | Abram's Nation

Levon is Special Because….

He’ll never let a little thing like a diagnosis of a rare genetic disorder stop him – or dampen his day!!

LegoLand2016_LevCar_closeHe lights up a room, has the most infectious smile and loves to giggle and laugh. He is pure light and joy.

Though he struggles to do even the simplest things that his fraternal brother can do, he tackles every challenge, determined and with a smile. He is unstoppable.

Levon loves music and wind spinners and always has a special “happy dance” whenever he hears music or is captivated by a wind spinner.

He is super social and loves to engage with people and make them smile.

It take so much more effort for Levon to do things throughout his day – but he is such a champion and floors me daily with how much he can accomplish.

Most recently, he sat down with me for the first time with his eye-gaze device and looked at me, and then the device and communicated, “Hello Mom, Hello Mom!”

I cried – happy tears.

Levon is Special because he teaches me so much.

He teaches me to be present. To cherish every moment – every second.

He teaches me patience and perseverance.

I can honestly say, because of him, I am a better human being and a better mother.

Because of Levon, this world is a better place – with a little more light and a lot more joy!!!



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