Meet Lindsey, Our April Pay-It-Forward Winner!

May 21, 2019 | Abram's Nation

We are thrilled to introduce you to our April Pay-It-Forward winner, Lindsey, from Monroeville, Pennsylvania! Lindsey will receive the Wheely Rain Cape, the first product in our new Abram’s Wearables line of adaptive clothing. Designed for use with a wheelchair, the custom-made cape provides comfort and accessibility while protecting the wearer from the elements.

If you know anyone from Pittsburgh, you have heard us talk about unpredictable and wet weather. Regardless, Lindsey tries to be as independent as possible, which often means using public transportation to get around our great city. When traveling from bus stop to bus stop or to events around town, Pittsburgh’s rain has a way of soaking everything, from Lindsey’s clothes, including the spare set of clothes she keeps in a separate bag, to her wheelchair seat and other equipment. Lindsey is excited to try out the special design features of our Wheely Rain Cape, noting that other solutions she has tried do not fit well, get caught in her wheelchair or fly in her face in the wind. We hope our custom-made cape gives Lindsey the freedom to travel wherever she wants, regardless of the weather!

Do you know someone who would love a product from Abram’s Nation? We’re continuing to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with the May Pay-It-Forward product, the Weight Mate lap pad that provides calming weighted pressure on the nervous system and is designed to be worn across the lap, shoulders, back or stomach. To learn more about our Pay-It-Forward program, or to nominate someone you know, click here.