New Innovative Products to Keep Children Safe from Wandering

September 3, 2015 | Abram's Nation

49% of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are prone to wandering. Fortunately, people are becoming more and more aware of wandering, and it’s become easier than ever to find products that are specially made to help prevent wandering or keep children safe.

Here are some of the most innovative products out there:


Technology and innovation go hand in hand, so it’s no surprise that some of the most innovative products utilize the latest in advanced technology.

NODA (Behavior Imaging App)

The first step to preventing autism-related wandering is to know what you’re dealing with. The NODA (Naturalistic Observation Diagnostic Assessment) app leads you through the steps to record videos of your child’s behavior. These videos are then uploaded for review by NODA clinicians for autism diagnosis. It can reduce the time of diagnosis by as much as 2 years, which gives you 2 more years to be prepared.

PAL System

The PAL (Protect and Locate) system has two components: a wristwatch with a locater and a portable receiver. When someone wearing the wristwatch wanders outside an area, the receiver alerts the parents. The system also sends emails and SMS texts with the date and location of the wanderer. There’s also an internet portal with real time tracking updates.

Home Security System & Keyless Locks

One of the best things you can do is upgrade your home system. Keyless locks are becoming more and more affordable all the time, and allow you to lock/unlock doors without having to search for a key. Digital keypads are a cheap option, but you can also get biometric locks. A security system is also a good idea, just make sure that it covers the windows, too.


Sometimes the most effective solution is a simple one. Here are some great low-tech solutions to wandering.

Angel Guard

Wandering can happen at any time, including when your child is in a vehicle. Unfortunately, it’s easy for children to undo seat belts once they reach a certain age. The Angel Guard is a simple, swell-designed plastic guard that fits over the buckle and blocks the button. Once you’re there, it’s easy for a parent to slid the guard back off.

Safety Sleeper

Nighttime is one of the most dangerous times to wander, since everyone who might be watching the child is asleep. The Safety Sleeper fits over a twin-sized or full-sized mattress snugly, then creates a tent over the bed. The construction is sturdy and portable at the same time, making it easy to create a safe sleeping space wherever you go.

Temporary ID Tattoos

ID bracelets, watches, and necklaces all have one failing: they can be removed. Temporary ID tattoos prevent this problem. These temporary tattoos have a space where you can write your phone number or contact info and last 7 days. They’re a perfect solution if you’re going to go to crowded locations such as amusement parks, malls, or fairs.