Reflecting on 10 Years: A Family’s Safety Sleeper Story

April 16, 2019 | Abram's Nation

Reflecting on 10 Years: A Safety Sleeper Story 

As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary of Abram’s Nation, I continue to reflect on the blessings that have brought us to this milestone. My thoughts always turn to the special families I have met over the years, many of whom have become close friends. I think about the positive impact we have been able to make for them, but equally important is the impact they have made on me and the Abram’s Nation community.

I met Susan 10 years ago and we connected immediately over our similar pursuits of safe sleeping arrangements for our sons. I had just developed The Safety Sleeper for Abram, which afforded my first restful sleep in years. The moment I spoke with Susan, I knew she deserved the same. Here is Susan’s story:

What prompted you to search for safe sleeping solutions?

Susan: Our son was 19 months old when we received the diagnosis of Smith-Magenis Syndrome. A characteristic of this disorder is an inverted circadian rhythm, which explained why he never slept through the night. We also learned that he may never sleep through the night. At three years of age, he was still sleeping in a crib with a tent canopy so he couldn’t climb out during the night. However, he was getting bigger and stronger, and we knew that this solution would not last much longer. We were terrified at the thought of him roaming the house, or getting out of the house, while we were sleeping.

How did you find The Safety Sleeper?

S: Ten years ago, when we were ready to transfer our son out of his crib, other parents in our SMS email group started talking about The Safety Sleeper. We looked at the website and spoke to Rose, who reassured us that this was a safe, viable solution for our son.

Why did you choose The Safety Sleeper over other potential solutions?

S: We looked at some of the other enclosed beds on the market, but we didn’t want a something that looked like a hospital bed. We also needed something that was sturdy but not made of a hard surface (e.g. wood) because our son has self-injurious behaviors and sometimes bangs his head during the night. The Safety Sleeper comes in a variety of fun colors and the tent design is appealing to kids. It can easily be taken apart and is easy to travel with. We didn’t see any other option that was also portable.

What was life like before and after The Safety Sleeper?

S: Sleep has always been an issue for our son. Before The Safety Sleeper, we were worried that he would be able to get out of his crib and wander through the house at night. Now when he is zipped in the Safety Sleeper each night, we know that he is safe, which gives us peace of mind and a restful night’s sleep. It’s been a true-life saver for us and many families with our son’s disorder.

What message would you like to share with other parents or caregivers in similar situations?

S: If you have a child with severe sleep issues, I highly recommend the Safety Sleeper. I can’t imagine our life without it.

What should people know about Rose and/or the Abram’s Nation team?

S: Rose and her team are incredibly dedicated to their products and their customers. They are responsive to our needs and make improvements based on our feedback. Rose is incredibly active in our SMS community. It means a lot that she takes the time to understand our children’s needs and gets to know us personally.

I am so grateful to Susan for sharing her story and providing the reminder of why we do what we do everyday. I always say that I love my job, and it’s because of Susan and her family, and the many families like hers, whom I am blessed to count among my friends and our community.

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