Safety Concerns for Those with Alzheimer’s or Autism

November 18, 2014 | Abram's Nation

Despite the very different natures of Alzheimer’s and Autism, some of the safety concerns are the same.

When it comes to identifying safety risks and preventing emergencies for an individual with autism or Alzheimer’s, you and your family are the best advocates, and most likely the people responsible for taking the necessary steps to develop a safety plan.

A safety plan could and in often times should include key participants such as – school personnel, daycare providers, neighbors, caretakers, and extended family; anyone involved in your network that has daily contact with the individual at risk.

It is important to take the time to evaluate what your family member or loved one needs to be safe and protected at home, school and in his or her community. Preventative measures are critical in order to help ensure the wellbeing of individuals with Autism or Alzheimer’s.

There are common safety concerns between people living with Autism and people living with Alzheimer’s. Being aware of the dangers can help with setting up preventative measures to protect the ones you love.

After creating safety measures in your own home, the next step is to create safety measures in their community by bringing key people who come in daily or weekly contact with your loved one into the safety plan for your loved one.

It is also important to notify local police and fire department about your loved ones situation so that if they are ever found out wandering alone, and are unable to share who they are or where they live, that the local police or fire department can aid in their safe return.

Lastly, doing some research to find products and resources that can aid in supporting your safety plan, such as door alarms, safe bed systems, cabinet locks, and local organizations to provide emotional and educational support can go along way in avoid the dangers that are avoidable.