The Ripple Effect

October 4, 2017 | Abram's Nation

Abrams_pin2017_oct (00000003)Living the life of luxury, not really, the life of therapy, and chaos. Inconsistency was consistent in my house.  Modify, adjust, juggle etc.  Our son, Abram, never slept and that impacted me, my family, my friends, relationships, and job. (the energizer bunny that never stopped!) I knew I needed to gain control, but how? Tried Therapy Structure Products such as different beds, tents for cribs, positive and negative reinforcement. All my efforts fell short so I had to come up with my own solution because nothing worked. So hence the birth of The Safety Sleeper, however I am not here to say that is the solution for you.  I want discuss the importance of you finding your solution to sleep and here is why.


  • 30% of Americans are sleep deprived for various reasons according to Medical Daily, sleeping 6 hours or less
  • 43 million Americans are caregivers meaning that they are individuals that assist others in daily functions including medical. Moms are not considered caregivers. (
  • 40 – 70% of caregivers do not get enough sleep according to
  • Sleep problems are common in children with ASD, with prevalence rates of approximately 50% to 80% compared with 9% to 50% in children with typical development. (National Autism Conference)

So what is The Ripple Effect of Sleep Deprivation ? 

The obvious (the child)

  • Behavior
  • Therapy progression
  • Daily structure

And then there are the hidden or missed impacts of sleep deprivation

The Caregiver(s)

  • Loss of patience
  • Inability to carry out daily functions
  • Rational thinking is lost

The Family

  • Breakdown of the family relationships

Job Performance 


  • Driving sleep deprived results in 1550 fatalities and 40,000 non-fatal injuries per year according to American Sleep Association
  • Accidents at work (healthcare workers, police, fire, mechanical workers)
  • Safety of the child in the home awake when unattended

In seeking a remedy, there’s not a one size fits all one solution that is right for everyone. Your solution is what works for you at that point in time and it may change as the child’s needs change.  Here are some suggestions that have helped other parents get positive results.

  • Holistic, Essential oils, Aroma therapy, Meditation, Diet, Raki, Therapies, Music therapy, Physical therapy, Wrap around therapy, Sensory therapy/diet
  • Products Beds, Trampolines/bikes to relieve energy levels, Swings, Weighted blankets, Hyperbaric chambers, Pharmaceuticals, Medication, Supplements, Medical Cannabis

Your plate is overflowing!  So as you learn and adjust to your child’s needs, it’s clear and necessary to get a healthy good nights sleep. So a sleep solution is a must for your daily routine.  Not just for your child but for the entire family’s well being beyond the home.