April 3, 2017 | Abram's Nation

2017_Abrams_PinIt’s time! Time to pack your sunscreen, and trashy summer reads. To feel the wind in your hair. A pair of flip flops, oversized sunglasses, some shorts and you’re gleefully skipping out the door. But wait, this is not a party of one as it is in your daydreams. There are others to consider. “Others” being your kids who are just as excited as you for the change of scenery.  So plan we MUST! No worries though. Whether it be planes, trains or automobiles, our no fail travel tips will make vacation planning a breeze!

  • Have your child pack their own backpack to carry themselves. It gives them something to feel responsible for and allows them to have the same experience as their parents. They can fill it with their favorite things and perhaps bring a new treasure in it from your vacation.
  • If there are special accommodations that need to be made at a hotel, restaurant, theme park, etc., call ahead. Familiarize yourself with the TSA guidelines for travel with children here. There is some great information about transfers and security and general information for those with both physical and cognitive disabilities. Keep a clear record of the agreement of those accommodations and have a plan in place to carry them out if necessary.
  • Always know where the closest children’s hospital is. Google makes this easy however it’s better to have the information ready so you are not scrambling in an emergency.  Also the closest hospital if it’s not a children’s may not be the best choice for your child. Alert your physicians/specialists and work out plan for contacting them after hours if necessary. Things always seem to pop up on vacation, but when you’re dealing with a serious medical condition, it’s really important to be able to contact your doctors.
  • Pack them a brand new toy, load a new movie on your iPad or a load a new video game for them and don’t show it to them until absolutely necessary. This provides a fantastic distraction and they are also so excited for something new! Maybe think about two new things, so they also have something for the return trip home.

Now gear up for those silly Facebook duck face selfies with the kiddos and make some memories! Happy travels!